Jan. 15 , 2020

Ann Ali

Republican candidate for Governor Woody Thrasher:

“Jim Justice refuses to support Right to Work and again fails to lead by declining to participate in today's hearing.

"Our conservative Legislature, elected by the majority of voters, put this law in place three years ago, and Jim Justice is serving as a barrier to its implementation.

"The people have spoken, but Jim Justice is listening to union bosses rather than the people of West Virginia. Why is he obstructing a law many people, including President Trump, believe can inspire greater investment and job creation in our state?

"Jim Justice, as usual, is taking the easy road. He’s siding with liberal special-interest groups rather than respecting the will of the people. I’m calling on him to explain himself immediately. He owes us that much."

Paid for by Woody Thrasher for Governor 2020