Justice Requires Disruptive Intent
“This week, we say the names of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Christian Cooper, George Floyd, Sha’Teina Grady El. Fortunately, not all of them lost their lives, but even the ones that are still alive to tell their stories suffered a form death on the inside.”

Read more from our CEO Cherita Ellens, in our latest issue of WE-Zine .

What Illinois Budget Means for Higher Education

 The General Assembly recently passed a budget that maintained FY20 funding levels, a victory in times like these! Here are some highlights:

  • MAP funded at FY20 levels ($451 million)
  • AIM HIGH funded at FY20 levels ($35 million)
  • Public university and community college operations funded at FY20 levels
  • $31 million from the governor’s federal emergency education relief funds to the Illinois Board of Higher Education and $19 million to the Illinois Community College Board
  • College emergency grant program created (not yet funded)

Because of our collective advocacy efforts, students and their families will continue to receive support in a critical period. Investing in our future workforce is paramount to our recovery!

COVID-19 Resources for Adult Students
The COVID-19 crisis has had far-reaching impacts on students at all levels. We have compiled a list of resources to help keep students safe, and to help those who are differentially impacted to access support and resources needed to get through this crisis. We will update our resource list as new information becomes available.
Read, Learn, Contribute!
Adult Educators across the state are learning from each other about distance learning and other topics using this discussion board through the ICCB website! Connect with other educators, read their tips, and share what strategies have been working for you!

Empowering Students Through Adult Ed
Fernando Villeda Flameco spoke about the importance of Adult Education for Women Employed’s annual The Working Lunch event. As a Transition Specialist at City Colleges of Chicago, Fernando knows that it takes more than one educator to change one student’s life; it requires a community.
College Changes Everything Going Virtual!
Due to the pandemic, the annual College Changes Everything conference will no longer assemble in person. ISAC is working to adapt the conference and determine how to best provide sessions and speakers to support efforts across the state that promote college access, success, and career readiness for students. As more information is available, the website will be updated. Any questions about the conference can be directed to isac.collegechangeseverything@illinois.gov

The Fight for More Congressional Support
As Congress continues to debate COVID-19 relief packages, we are asking our leaders to address the crisis in child care by supporting the child care system including workers, and ensuring working people have access to affordable childcare. We are also recommending bold and decisive action to support adults students, fund workforce development, and more so that we can come out of this crisis stronger. Read the recommendations that we’ve sent to Congress , and take action !
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