Ann Ali

 ‘This is the Jim Justice we know: self-serving, absent and out of touch.’

Charleston, W.Va. — Republican candidate for Governor Woody Thrasher was forced to respond to Jim Justice's nasty, negative attack ad quietly rolled out during the middle of a pandemic.
"Today, West Virginians shelter at home, worrying about paychecks, sick family members and deciphering mixed messages from our governor," Thrasher said. "At the same time, the Justice campaign is busy with shameful politics as usual."

"This is the man who continually begs us to judge him by his deeds, repeatedly putting petty politics over life and death concerns of our folks and refusing his job of truly managing this crisis from Charleston," Thrasher added.

"This is the Jim Justice we know: self-serving , absent and out of touch ."

When he served as Commerce Secretary, Woody Thrasher traveled to China and Japan in support of President Donald Trump's trade initiatives. It was yet another task Jim Justice refused.

"I'll always work with our great President," Thrasher said. "I'm proud of the work my office did to try to bring billions in new business and jobs to West Virginia. If you go back and look, the Governor had a lot of praise for it as well. We successfully brought back huge investments for Putnam and Wood counties from Toyota and Hino ."

"Jim Justice repeatedly says one thing then does another," Thrasher continued. "Is he suspending campaign activities to focus on the coronavirus? Or is he making up attacks on me to distract from his shortcomings in addressing this health and economic crisis?"

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