Dear Friend,

As the nation has watched the senseless killing of George Floyd and racist-fueled violence of the last few weeks in Minneapolis, Louisville and across the country, we are facing the painful realization that we have failed – again – to be worthy of the high ideals upon which our nation was founded. And from coast to coast there are demands for action. These events are an indictment of our troubled past and a clear call for change that can no longer be ignored. 
At the Greater Worcester Community Foundation (GWCF) we stand in solidarity with those protesting systemic racism. More specifically, we stand in solidarity with the Black community. The fight for justice is a challenge that demands something from each of us.
GWCF is committed to increasing our engagement and elevating our role in the pursuit of greater opportunity for all. We commit to taking thoughtful, bold and informed steps to build a stronger community where we have justice for all and actively embrace equity and equality for all. We invite you to be part of this work, and at the same time express gratitude to those of you in the community who are already leading by example.

We can and will continue to:  
  • Invest meaningfully in organizations that place equity at the forefront of their work
  • Advocate for policies that expand opportunity for Worcester’s communities of color
  • Convene and inform the community about actions that will facilitate change and foster inclusion. 
In mid-March the Foundation and the United Way of Central Massachusetts, in close cooperation with the City of Worcester, launched  Worcester Together: Central Mass COVID-19 Fund.  As a model of engagement, the Fund is working with a group of concerned civic leaders to make certain that despite the challenges, the resources of the community are applied fairly and thoughtfully. In a much broader sense, it is a vision of what is possible in our community. 
The path of progress isn’t simple or clear. It will require the energy and attention of us all. It will be difficult. It may be uncomfortable. But as a community, we can begin by walking forward together on the path to justice, acting with kindness, care and humility and staying the course for as long as this noble effort r equires.


Barbara Fields
President & CEO
Greater Worcester Community Foundation
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