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February 2018

2018 CJJ Annual Conference, Council of SAGs' Meeting, and Hill Day!

On June 27, participants will have the chance to meet with their Senators and Representatives to discuss the importance of improving and supporting our juvenile justice system. Legislative offices are just a short walk or cab ride away from our conference hotel, the Hyatt Regency. Participants are responsible for scheduling their own legislative meetings. 

This year's workshops and plenaries will take place from June 28th through the 29th, and will focus on the latest research, developments, and challenges facing our field today. 
The following questions will be addressed in meetings, table-talks, and workshops alike:
  • How can states and communities serve as leaders in shaping a better juvenile justice system?
  • How can we improve collaborations with young people with lived experiences in the systems we work with?
  • What can be done to leverage partnerships to help improve physical and mental health services, and better address youths' needs for education and housing?
  • What role does advocacy play as communities seek to improve services and provide for trauma-informed care for children and youth?

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Executive Board Nominations
Interested in serving on CJJ's Executive Board? Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of CJJ's 
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CJJ Annual Awards
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Those with questions, should contact CJJ Executive Director, Naomi Smoot at or 202-467-0864 ext. 113. 

A draft of the agenda can be found  here, and  to register or book your hotel today click  here

Join us at 3:00 PM Eastern on February 15th for " Big Data Policing: Its Impact on Children and Youth".
Technology is changing how law enforcement does their job. The goal is to create systems that are race neutral and objective, but is that how things are playing out in our communities?

Participants will hear from Andrew Ferguson, Researcher, Professor, and Author of  "The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement".

Nationally, law enforcement officers are not trained in key information necessary to dealing competently and effectively with youth - including any mention of disproportionate minority contact.

Forty-five states offer no model policies to guide law enforcement officers' and agencies' interactions with youth. Most juvenile justice reform efforts focus on changing systems that address youth after the point of arrest.
These factors help explain why the largest point of racial disparity occurs at the point of arrest, and is hard to decrease as youth go deeper and deeper into the system.

This webinar will demonstrate the vital role advocates can play in filling these gaps. It will showcase initiatives state advocates are implementing to address law enforcement's role in improving the effectiveness of juvenile justice system by adopting developmentally-appropriate, trauma-informed equitable approaches to policing youth.

Participants will hear from Lisa Thurau, Chief Executive Office and Executive Director at  Strategies for Youth and Andrew Smith, CJJ National Ethnic and Cultural Diversity Chair.

To learn more about these webinars and how to register, click here!  

CJJ Announcements
New Team Members!
CJJ is ex cited to welcome two new team members this month!

Pictured are Hannah Critchfield (Left),
Policy and Field  Relations Associate,
and  Gabriella Nixdorf (Right) Administrative Assistant
and JJ Montior Editor.  Both are thrilled to be working with CJJ  and are pictured with their #JJDPAMATTERS signs
  in support of the re-authorization of the JJDPA.
Would You Like to Blog for CJJ?
CJJ is looking for bloggers for  CJJ Today  to author stories and posts about j uvenile justice. We're particularly interested in stories from    State Advisory Group members or staff,  CJJ individual    and  youth members , and  CJJ organizational members , about issues at the state or local level, interesting programs or approaches, and perspectives about the course of juvenile justice reform at the local or state level. We also welcome blog posts from other juvenile justice system stakeholders. Blog posts can be between 400-750 words in length. Click  here  to see our other guidel ines for blogs.  
Suggested topics could include:   
  • School to Prison Pipeline
  • Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
  • Remedying Racial and Ethnic Disparities
  • Adolescent Brain Development 
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Status Offenses
  • Family and Youth Involvement
  • Promising Practices or Program Spotlights
  • If interested please email for more details. 
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Member Spotlight
Strategies For Youth
In 2009, Lisa H. Thurau founded Strategies For Youth Inc.,  a non-profit advocacy and training organization. She was joined in this work by Dr.Jeff Q. Bostic, Director of the School of Psychology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Their work is centered around the concept of "Developmental Competency", and focuses on improving relations between youth and police. SFY is a nationally recognized organization whose influence spans 38 counties in 18 states. They are often consulted by the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education in matters concerning youth and police relations and subsequent policies.
To learn more about Strategies For Youth, click  here!

Other Announcements
Capitol Hill sunset CJJR Announces Youth in Custody Certificate Program
The program will be held at Georgetown University June 11-15, 2018.  The training is designed for juvenile justice system leaders and partners working to improve outcomes for youth in post-adjudication custody.  Upon approval of a Capstone Project Proposal initiating or building on local reform efforts, participants receive an Executive Certificate from Georgetown University.

The curriculum covers critical areas including culture change and leadership, addressing racial and ethnic disparities, family engagement, assessment, case planning, facility-based education and treatment services, and reentry planning and support. 

The program will also include a tour of Washington DC's New Beginnings Youth Development Center and will highlight services and approaches that are research-based, developmentally appropriate and strength-based, family-centered, individually focused and predicated on validated assessments, data-informed and outcome-driven, and culturally responsive. 

Applications are due by Friday, March 2, 2018 and can be found here!  Join us in DC!

Federal Policy Update
President Releases Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Proposal
On Feb. 12 the P resident released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2019, a copy of which is available here. The budget includes $58 million for Title II of the JJDPA, $17 million for Title V (all of which continue to be earmarked), $58 million for mentoring, and $2 million in competitive grants for girls. In the current budget, $55 million was provided for Title II, $14.5 million was provided for Title V, and $80 million was provided for mentoring. Overall funding for juvenile justice from the federal government has dropped by more than 50 percent since the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act was last reauthorized in 2002.  

This is the first of many steps in the FY'19 appropriations process. The Senate and House will also be releasing budget proposals, and a final agreement between the three should be reached by Oct. 1. 

Other News and Announcements
  • The National Network for Youth will host their National Summit on Youth Homelessness on March 19-20, 2018. Registration is available here
  • Registration is open for the Second Annual National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness, April 30-May 1, 2018 in New York, New York here.
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