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Even for the global explorer, you'll find indigenous charm, spectacular settings or simply a peaceful sanctuary for a uniquely enriching experience. Enjoy every day exactly as you wish while exploring the most beautiful places in Vermont.
The Mona Lisa & Vermont Have Something in Common!
Mona Lisa is Missing , the award-winning documentary about the man who stole the Mona Lisa was featured last week at the Manchester Public Library. The film was written, directed and produced by Joe and Justin Medeiros – they introduced the film, but with a Vermont twist! The father of our dear friend, a young art student, was in the Louvre early that Monday morning was the first to discover the Mona Lisa missing. It wasn’t until several hours later that it was determined the masterpiece had been stolen! For more about this fascinating true story please click on the third link below.

Vermont Sports Magazine's 2017 Adventure Dog Winners
"Bode" Wins Readers' Choice Award ! Owner, Shawn Gilfedder, business executive, entrepreneur, outdoor enthusiast, part-time Vermont resident and good friend brings home the title! Bode is not just a great dog and companion, but he's incredibly smart... truly a Vermont sporting dog !
   Spectacular Fall Foliage on Lake St. Catherine...
The last vestiges of autumn conclude with a final boat ride... We'll be skating on the lake in a few short months!
Our New Roof on the Main House... It's a Great Story!
Six months from first quote to project completion... it's a great story since we had a wonderful experience unlike so many horror stories that you often read about. Waking up to a small puddle just inside our front door last April was the final straw. We solicited between 10-12 contractors to quote – incredibly, less than half showed up!
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A Closer View of the Main House....Cedar Shakes Stripped
The finished product... shortly after the final touches were completed the skies opened... a few days later 60 mph winds tested the roof!
Kay and I stumbled upon this hunting cabin along this deserted class three road on a cold rainy day last week... I wonder if you can fly fish from the bridge?
Inside the American Museum of Fly Fishing
The best $5.00 you'll ever spend... even if you don't fly fish, the museum is interesting, the interior is warm, inviting and thirty minutes is all you'll need.
We're Very Farm to Table .... Together with our neighbor we raised two pigs this season (April-October) – a combined dressed weight of 330 lbs. I can go into elaborate detail, but I won’t. However, what I will say is that the flavor of our smoked bacon and the pork chops are incredibly delicious! 
My Daffy Duck bobblehead reminds me to make myself available for some pure foolishness everyday. What would friend & guest Dr. Robert Goldstein say about this? What non-essentials are on your desk?
Reminder... We Still Want Your Recipe
Beginning with Thanksgiving, we would like to know what special desserts you serve your family and friends... Click on link below to submit your tried and truly loved by all recipe for Thanksgiving Dessert!

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Peak foliage is largely over especially with the recent severe storms and high winds. Now, onto "Stick Season" the time of year when all the leaves are off the trees and before the first snowfall. It's a great time to finish all the outdoor chores and prepare for six months of winter! Hello Vero Beach!!
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