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Horoscope Consultations

I am available for phone, skype or in-person consultations in New York City at the prices below. Please add $25 per extra chart. I record the consultation with a digital recorder, and email you the mp3 file, which you can easily download onto your computer or device and listen to it. You can pay below and I will email you for an appointment. 
  In-Person Initial Consultation in NYC. $250  (up to 90 minutes with opportunity for questions after)       

Phone or Skype Initial Consultation. $225  (up to 90 minutes with opportunity for questions after) 
In-Person Update for the year ahead in NYC . $225 (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after). This reading is for those who have already consulted with me.
  Phone or Skype Update for the year ahead. $200 (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after). This reading is for those who have already consulted with me.

 Additional people you want to look at in the context of your reading. $25 for each additional chart. 

  Compatibility reading for an hour. $200 (60 minutes) This is NOT an individual reading but a look at the relationship and timing for the
relationship. O pportunity for email questions after the reading.
    Choosing an Auspicious Date for an event. $200 for research and consultation. Phone or skype only. 
Astro*Carto*Graphy or locality readings or "Where in the World?"
$200 only phone or skype.  (60 minutes) This is NOT an initial reading but only a look at location and timing for moving. Opportunity for email questions after the reading. You must provide places you are interested in.
Answering one specific question or examining one topic or area. $150 Only phone or skype. (60 minutes)This is NOT a horary chart but examination of only one specific area or  question. Only for people who have had an initial reading.)  

Gift certificates are available for all the above but please make sure before giving one that the recipient really would like to have an astrological reading.   

Remember that you can use paypal, credit cards, or checking account with the above pay pal buttons. I accept payment upon booking. For in-person consultations, I also take cash payment.  You can reach me at Ronniegaledreyer@gmail.com 

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Celestial Events 
April 2018 

   April 16 2018. New Moon.  1:57 am.  26° Ar 02'. Sidereal.  02° Ar 01'. Asvini. 
   April 30 2018. Full Moon. 00:58 am. 9° Sc 38'. Sidereal. 15° Li 37' Svati.  

Retrograde and Direct Stations

   April 15 2018. Mercury stations direct. 9:20 am. 4° Ar 46'. Sidereal.10° Pi 45'. Uttarabhadraphada.  
   April 18 2018.  Saturn stations retrograde. 1:46 am. 9° Cp 08'. Sidereal. 15 ° Sg 07'. Purvasadha. 
  April 22 2018. Pluto stations retrograde. 3:25 pm. 21° Cp 17'. Sidereal. 27°Sg16'. Uttarasadha.  

 Tropical Ingresses
   April 20 2018.  Sun enters Taurus.    3:12 am.  
    April 24 2018. Venus enters Gemini. 4:39 pm. 

        Sidereal Ingresses  
   April 14 2018.  Sun enters Aries.        0:26 am.  
    April 19 2018. Venus enters Taurus.  6:49 pm.                

  All times are listed according to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Krishnamurti ayanamsha is used for sidereal positions.
Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy

You can purchase a signed copy of The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy, by Jim Lewis with Kenneth Irving, which is back in print with a new edition including added notes, revisions, and an extensive afterword about Jim Lewis and his charitable legacy. Book is priced at $24.95 plus postage so we are offering it for $20.95 inclusive media mail postage. The book, which was first released in 1997 was re-released in 2012 with added notes, and revisions and additions, including a new foreword and epilogue and larger print. The book was taken from Jim's notes, and was compiled, edited, and added to by Kenneth Irving after Jim's death in 1995. It is now published by Words and Things, a publishing venture by Kenneth Irving and myself. Allow for 7-10 days for delivery.

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RONNIE'S WEBSITE including my schedule and my books for purchase

United Astrology Conference (UAC 2018) (My pre-conference Eclipse lecture, and lectures on AstroCartoGraphy and Love, and 2018 Mars Retrograde) (May 24-29, 2018 in chicago)

State of the Art Conference (SOTA 2018) (October 2018 in Buffalo)

KP and Gemstone Therapy Summit (May 16-22, 2018, Saylorsburg PA)

ACVA Online (American College of Vedic Astrology)

Vedic Astrology Recordings  (Use coupon RDW88A for 10% discount)

Intermediate Jyotisa
Register for Vargas and Twins Workshop 

Sat. April 14 and Sat. June 9, 2018. 
10:00- 5:00 pm
NYC Upper West Side or Webinar or Get Recordings and Handout after

Price reduction by April 10

Part One. Sat. April 14.  The morning will be devoted to reviewing interpretation and forecasting tools with sample charts.  In the afternoon we will begin with the Vargas. 

One of the most important functions of certain Varga charts is whether or not the planet is strengthened or weakened, and this is one of the factors that comprise the calculation of Shad Bala, or the six strengths of the planet. If the birth planet is in a Kendra or Trikona Bhava of one of these charts, then it adds points to their strength in Shad Bala. If they are in other houses, they will not contribute to the planet's strength. In these next two workshop/webinars, we will focus on these, and try to look at these Varga charts more traditionally as well as add other variations on how to use them. 

Some astrologers use six varga charts to calculate planetary strength, and some astrologers use seven. They are known as the sat (six) varga or sapta (seven) varga charts.  These are rāśi (birth chart), hora (wealth), drekkana  (siblings), which is the equivalent of the Western decanate chart, navā ś a (marriage and dharma), dvadasa ś a (parents), and trimsamsa (fortune and misfortune). Adding saptamsa (children) they become the sapta vargas.    This workshop will explore the hora, drekkana, dvadasamsa, trimsamsa and saptamsa with examples. We will especially look at the importance of the sarpa drekkanas, the 22nd drekkana and the 64th navamsa in terms of health.  
Part Two. Dasa Vargas, the Balance of Vargas. Sat. June 9. 

Adding dasamsa (career), shodasamsa (vehicles), and shastyamsa (strengths and weaknesses), they become the dasa (10) vargas. We will look at these (minus Navamsa which we already looked at). We will also look at other varga charts from classical texts which make up the shodasavargas (16 vargas), which include vimsamsa (spirituality), as well as the panchamsa (power), shastamsa (health), and ashtamsa (life and death), which are not one of the classical 16. 

Then we will look at my preliminary research on twins and how this relates to the vargas in ways you may not consider. People are under the wrong impression that twins only show up in the shastiamsa chart (D-60) which is NOT true at all. It can show up in any of the other divisionals and we will look at examples of this). This is important for practicing astrologers since in the era of in vitro fertilization, many multiples are being born.

If you cannot attend, as usual you will get the audio/visual presentation, audio recording, and handouts and the opportunity to also email me questions in the same way that attendees will get these.  Once you sign up for the two parts, I will send you the Navamsa workshop from last year (if you did not attend), since it will be important to have that information.  
This workshop will be held in two parts in order to break it up and review the first part without moving on to the next.

Early bird. Pay by April 10 for each individually $85 and for both $150.   To attend you need to know the basic tools of Jyotisa. Email me if you are not sure if you are at the right level. 

Both workshops by April 10.  

Book 4/14 workshop by April 10. 
Here is the Mars-Saturn summary I wrote at the beginning of the week just prior to the shooting at the YouTube campus. April 2018 News and Views will come tomorrow Sunday April 8 in addition to how you can book a reading with me at UAC 2018 in chicago, or between June 11-13 in Saylorsburg PA. 

As Mars-Saturn form their exact conjunction on Monday April 2nd, they are currently within orb at least until April 7. Often there are explosions, eruptions, anger, potential violence. Hold your own temper, take a deep breath and don't sweat the small stuff. 

The shooting at Columbine occurred on the day that Mars and Saturn were in their exact 180 degree opposition, or, full aspect. In the summer of 2014 Michael Brown was shot in Ferguson Missouri on August 9, as the conjunction was nearing, and the  August 25 funeral with over 4000 people was held the day after the Mars-Saturn conjunction on  August 24, when it was still was in orb. 

On July 25, 2010 "WikiLeaks leaked to the public  over 90,000 internal reports about the United States-led involvement in the  War in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010." Mars and Saturn were three degrees apart. And then on July 29, monsoons killed over 1600 people in Pakistan, and more than one million were displaced. The conjunction was on July 31.

There are many more throughout history so stay cool especially if you have anything around the degree or in aspect to it. The exact conjunction occurs on Monday April 2nd at 4:44 PM (GMT) at tropical  8° Capricorn 57' and sidereal (Indian) 14 Sagittarius 56. The nakshatra is purvashadha. 

I am also repeating below the March News and Views. Remember that Jupiter is now retrograde through July, and Mercury is still retrograde through April 15. 

Some of you have asked about a new series of Intro to Jyotisa so if you are interested please email me and when there is enough interest I will begin another series. right now it will be either during the summer or fall.  

Also you can still purchase the 3-hour Sensitive Degrees Webinar since I talk about phenomena for the entire 2018. Scroll down. 

Remember to sign up for my pre-conference workshop at UAC if you are interested in everything about eclipses including the three eclipses of 2018.  UAC 2018

Remember if you wish to book a reading just do so to your left. 

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All continued good wishes and Happy Passover and Easter. 
Jupiter Goes Retrograde.
March 9-July 10, 2018.
Once again it is time for Jupiter to station retrograde, which it does each year for 4 months and stays in a sign for 13 months. Though its position in the sky changes each year (due to sign placement and other planets with which it comes into contact), my message for how the Jupiter retrograde affects you does not change. Read below for the specifics of this Jupiter retrograde.  

This month, as you can see in the left-hand column, Jupiter stations retrograde on March 9, 2018 at 4:45 am GMT at tropical 23° Scorpio 13'/ sidereal 29° Libra 12' (which also applies to Jyotisa), viśākhā naksatra , which is ruled by Jupiter but in a sign ruled by Venus. This means that there will be excess and while the feeling has been throughout Jupiter's entrée into sidereal Libra in September that everything is prosperous, the retrograde usually cautions against that. It is not for nothing that Gary Cohn has resigned or that Trump announced his tariff on the Jupiter station. Sources say that Gary Cohn resigned because he was against the tariff, which he feels will damage rather than help jobs and the economy. Time will tell. But just looking at the Jupiter retrograde alone, it goes along with what I have observed with the planet of abundance stationing, slowing up, and going retrograde. I always tell people if they are trying to sell their house, or make a profit, Jupiter's four month retrograde is not the time to do it. Sometimes you must and cannot wait, and it may just mean the profit is not as great, unless of course the aspects in your chart point otherwise. Jupiter will station direct on July 10, 2018 at 2:02 pm GMT at tropical 13° Scorpio 20'/sidereal 19° Libra 19' in svāti, ruled by Rahu, so more about the direct station as it draws near.

Jupiter is the greater benefic, and always brings expansion but also false hopes of security. Sometimes Jupiter makes us feel so complacent that we do not see the writing on the wall. Jupiter stationing retrograde has a lot to do with the reversals of power, and because astrology is universal, this will happen all over the world. The markets and the economy will be a bit wonky as I said above, but considering that they have been good up to now, they probably won't collapse, though the real estate market might indeed slow down a bit as will some retailers. There might be some more retailers closing, reducing their stores, or declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which is reorganization rather than liquidation. Projects may be stalled but they will then resume so don't be frustrated, and instead use this as a period of reflection and planning. Avenues where you thought you could profit like selling homes and businesses will not do as well as expected. As a rule, I always think of Jupiter retrograde periods as a halt to a seller's market, and this could be a good time to buy. 

I also advise that you should try to refrain from completing an agreement, signing a contract, lease, sale, etc. during the time that Mercury is retrograde from March 23, 2018 at 00:18 am at tropical 16°Aries 54'/sidereal 22°Pi53' in revati through Apr 15, 2018, at tropical 4°Ar46'/Sidereal. 10°Pi45' uttraphadrapadā. However, if you must go ahead though, then just do it and try to find a good day and hour, and just do some positive affirmations. If you must, then you must, ave to then you do, and I have signed great contracts and gone to great conferences, etc. under Mercury retrograde.

Generally, Jupiter affects us all but it will affect you personally if you have any planets, points, or angles between tropical 13° Scorpio 20'- 23° Scorpio 13'/sidereal 29° Libra 12'- 19° Libra 19' since Jupiter hits those degrees three times--when Jupiter goes direct, then retrograde, and then direct. If you have anything around the stationary points, then you will get hit twice, but it will be the most intense transit because it is a station, which means the planet is slower-moving and close to the earth. Always make sure you have a Plan B, if you do not want to wait for things to complete after Jupiter goes direct.

You can always look at the area of your chart that encompasses the Jupiter transit, and see what the houses below indicate and that may be the area that you will have to think about. Those houses will be in the forefront of your life now.  

The houses have similar meanings in both Tropical and Jyotisa, but since there are some differences here is the list below of a few keywords for each house in each system. They are by no means exhaustive

Tropical Houses: 1. personality, body, appearance; 2. finances, possessions, values; 3.  communication, siblings, short journeys, learning;  4. Family, Mother, Home; 5.  children, recreation, entertainment; 6. Health, service, pets; 7. marriage, contracts, partnership; 8. business transactions, sexuality, life and death matters; 9. Higher education, travel abroad, publishing, law; 10. profession, status, father; 11. gains, friendships, hopes, dreams; 12. compassion, spirituality, limitations, solitude
Vedic Bhavas (Houses): 1. appearance, destiny, temperament, personality, constitution; 2. Money, family life, food, speech, early childhood; 3.  Siblings, Fine arts, courage, desires; 4. Mother, happiness, real estate, vehicles; 5. Children, romance, investments, speculation; 6. Open enemies, work, competition, obstacles, illness; 7. Marriage, partners, contracts, passion; 8. Life and death cycle, research, accidents, other's money, inheritance; 9. Father, teacher (guru), religion, higher learning, opportunity; 10. Career, status, public recognition, reputation; 11. Profits, rewards, gains from work, awards, older siblings; 12. spiritual practice, secret enemies, foreign travel, debt, confinement.

2018 Sensitive Degrees: Stations, Eclipses, Ingresses, and Aspects. 
Date: Sunday January 7, 2018. Time: 12 - 3:00 pm.
 Fee: $50 for webinar
 You receive audio-visual MP4, audio MP3 recordings, & handouts (40-plus page handouts) within 72 hours of ordering. 

This annual workshop is back for a look at the coming year which will be filled with so many planetary signatures that we should expect the year ahead to continue to be a bumpy ride. This year's webinar 2018 Sensitive Degrees: Stations, Eclipses, Ingresses, and Aspects will be packed with information about 2018. As usual, this Webinar will cover many of the degree areas of the chart that will affect you and the world including eclipses, retrograde and direct stations and cycles, ingress dates, and aspects. We will go through all of these providing you with charts and tables that you can use the entire year. 

Because there are five eclipses, and retrogrades of Venus and Mars, I will NOT recap all the technical explanation for eclipses and retrogrades as I have in the past, but will go into the timing of these phenomena, the degrees to watch for, how they affect your chart, and some forecasts for the year. The summer will be an especially crazy ride with eclipses, Mars retrograde, and Mars-Ketu (South Node) conjunction. Some planetary signatures are as follows: 

Eclipses.  January 31, February 15, July 13, July 27, August 11. This  year there will be five eclipses, with the eclipses of January 31 and February 15 as mirror or twin eclipses of August 7 and 21, 2017.  All the eclipses are part of the 18 year Saros cycle, and, except for the one on July 13, part of the 19 year Metonic cycle.

Planetary Stations.  In addition to annual retrograde cycles of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, this year there will be the important Mars retrograde June 26-August 27 and Venus retrograde from October 5-November 16. Mars retrograde will straddle Capricorn and Aquarius tropically and will only be in Capricorn sidereally. Venus retrograde will straddle Libra and Scorpio and will only be in Libra sidereally. 

Aspects. Some of the more important aspects that repeat themselves are as follows.  Mars-Ketu (South Node) conjunction. This conjunction occurs three times because Mars is retrograde: June 8, July 20, and Sep 26 2018. Even though Mars conjoins Ketu every 22 months, this is the third time since 1900 that Mars retrograde has conjoined the South Node. Other dates were: December 11, 1932, March 9, 1933, May 9, 1933 and Jan. 27, 1950, March 7, 1950, June 19, 1950. This is significant since in Indian astrology Ketu, or South Node, takes on the qualities of Mars, so it is like having a double Mars. Mars-South Node conjunction occurred during September 11, 2001.  Other important aspects this year include:  Mars square Uranus three times, Jupiter trine Neptune twice, Venus opposition Uranus three times. 

Tropical Ingresses. This year Uranus is highlighted since it will straddle Aries and Taurus before it definitively enters Taurus in 2019. Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8.  Sidereal Ingresses. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10.  And so much more.  

Order now. $50. You will receive the recordings and handouts within 72 hours of ordering.