New Cybersecurity Projects for K-12 Students
Explore real cybersecurity issues with a trio of new STEM projects

Threats to online safety and the privacy of personal information affect everyone, including students. The Cybersecurity interest area at Science Buddies features hands-on STEM projects that help students better understand and explore real-world cybersecurity issues.

Three new science projects developed by Science Buddies' scientists especially for K-12 students have been added to help students evaluate common security questions and privacy, investigate ways in which computers that are not connected to the Internet can still be hacked, and get hands-on learning about encryption by exploring a Caesar cipher.
Science Buddies' project ideas and resources in the area of cybersecurity are sponsored by Symantec Corporation.
Hands-on with Healthy Living Science
New interest area encourages healthy living!
The new Healthy Living special interest area highlights projects, Lesson Plans, and career information that encourages students to explore the science behind health concepts like nutrition, heart health, and exercise. By experimenting firsthand with healthy living STEM, students may make be inspired to make more informed choices about their own health. See also: Hands-on with Healthy Choices and Healthier Living
Science Buddies' project ideas and resources in the area of healthy living, obesity awareness, and diabetes education are sponsored by Novo Nordisk.
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STEM Career Resources
Job Genius – Free educational video series for youth   
Consider  Job Genius to help your youth enter the job market and make thoughtful considerations about education and career choices after high school. This free video series on YouTube offers insights on trending career opportunities, advice on job seeking, résumés and interviews, and help in the workplace with relationships and career planning. There is also a parent guide to help you have discussions within each area of focus. Download the guide today!
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