Nov. 6 - 20, 2018
K-5th Grade News
3rd gr Learning to Use My Bible Class
Sundays, Jan. 13 - March 10/ 10-10:45am /P307
At FPC we want our children to grow up with a love of the scriptures. As they are acquiring reading skills in school we do two important things at church: 1) We hold a Learning to Use My Bible Class, and 2) We present each 3 rd grader with their own Bible.  The class gives them an opportunity to discover where the Bible came from, the different types of literature in the Bible, and how to locate various passages. We hope your child will be able to join us for the class and presentation!
4th gr Catechism Class
Sundays, Jan. 6 - March 24 / 10-10:45am / P306
The Presbyterian Church developed the Belonging to God Catechism in 1998. In a Question and Answer Format, it focuses on: Creation, Covenants, Commandments, The Work of the Spirit & Church, Worship & Sacraments, and the Lord’s Prayer. A copy is given to each child so they have a reference to look back at as they grow in their faith and continue to have questions about who we are, who God is, and what the church is called to be. Before our tweens make the transition to Middle School we use this time to review major concepts from the stories they have been learning throughout their Sunday School years. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and see how these shape our discipleship.
5th gr Who Am I? Class
Sundays, Jan. 6 - March 10 / 10-10:45am / P304
Developmentally speaking, it is vital for children to have a sense of competency related to certain skills in order to begin forming their individual identity. In the church our hope is that a significant part of that identity is grounded in being a child of God. So in earlier grades we focus on learning Bible Stories. In 3 rd grade we learn more about how they were formed and the overarching themes of scripture. In 4 th grade the Catechism class reviews commandments, covenants, and our worship life. Now in 5 th grade we are at a stage in life where we can have beginning conversations about what it really means to be a child of God…where do I belong, who is my neighbor, and what is my purpose?
Each child is given a copy of Katherin Paterson’s book titled, “Who Am I?” We encourage children and parents to read along, but it is not required.
K- Adult Advent Workshop: Nativity Sets
Sun., Nov. 25 / 10-10:45am / Wood Fellowship Hall
Get Ready for Advent by creating your own Nativity set to take home! Children will need the assistance of an adult, but adults of all ages are also invited to make a nativity for your home!
Cost is $10 per family for a nativity set. Additional kits may be purchased. Families who choose not do make a Nativity Set are welcome to join us at the card making station (free of charge).
K-5th graders Nativity Play
Sun., Dec. 9, /10-10:45am / Wood Fellowship Hall
Our elementary children will be putting on our annual Nativity Play, retelling the Christmas story.
There are non-speaking parts for K-5th graders and speaking parts for 3rd-5th graders.
Rehearsals include:
  • Sun., Dec 2/ 9:30-10:30am -for speaking parts
  • Sat., Dec. 8/ 9:30am-1:30pm -for all actors (staggered arrival times depending on role)
  • Sun., Dec. 9/ 8:30am -dress rehearsal for all actors
Adult volunteers are needed to assist children with costumes and escort them during rehearsals and the play.
Save the Date: 5th gr Sexuality & Spirituality Retreat
April 5th & 6th, 2019
We want our children to know that they are a child of God and made in God’s image,
even at stages of life that are new and sometimes awkward. This retreat helps prepare
children and parents for the changes that come with puberty.
Upcoming Dates:
Child & Youth Protection Policy (CYPP) - Nov. Dates
Nov. 9-11- Church-wide Retreat (Montreat)
Nov. 25- Advent Workshop
Dec. 9- Nativity Play
Jan. 6-March 24- 4th gr Catechism Class
Jan. 6-March 10- 5th gr Who Am I Class? Class
Save the Date: April 5-6- 5th gr Sexuality & Spirituality Retreat
Director of Children's Ministry
Tammy Winchip 704.927.0265