Feb. 26-Mar. 13, 2019
K-5th Grade News
Happy Kids, Healthy Adults
Thursday, February 28 / Wood Fellowship Hall Overflow/ 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Parents are invited to this free presentation by First Presbyterian Church Kristin Foster, RN.
The program will cover the impact of environmental factors in brain development and coping strategies. Kristin Foster will explore the relationship between early childhood experiences and adult anxiety, depression and coping skills.
Lenten Prayer Pockets for K-2nd graders
Sunday, March 10/ P307/ 10am
Lent is a special time of year to consider how we are living lives that follow Christ's example. Youth and adults are encouraged to participate in the all-church read of the book Life of the Beloved. In conjunction with this study a Companion Guide is available for older children-youth. Our younger children can make Prayer Pockets which will parallel the book study chapters and help them focus on reading, praying, and acting.
Class Presentations in Worship
  • 3rd gr Bibles Presented at 11am on Sun., March 10/ Sanctuary
  • 4th gr Catechism Class Presented in Worship at 11am on Sun., March 31/Sanctuary
Created in the Image of God: Sexuality & Spirituality 5th gr Retreat
Friday, April 5 & Saturday, April 6
Most parents cringe at the thought of "having the talk," with their child. While the changes we can expect with puberty are natural, it is sometimes hard to broach the topic. Our retreat is designed to:
  • share how we are made in God's Image
  • take a look at how images of males and females are portrayed in society
  • give an introduction to the changes that happen to our bodies and minds during puberty
  • provide an opportunity for children to ask questions they have on their minds
We begin the event on Friday with just the 5th graders. We have dinner, games, and a Bible study with our leader Kaye Richard. It continues in the morning with parents meeting with our Pediatrician, Dr. Rachel Weise for a presentation while the children continue with Kaye. It is followed by lunch and time together.
Save the Dates: 5th graders
Upcoming Dates:
Child and Youth Protection Policy Training Dates - Jan/Feb
Jan. 6-March 24- 4th gr Catechism Class
Jan. 6-March 10- 5th gr Who Am I Class? Class
Apr. 5-6- the 5th gr Sexuality & Spirituality Retreat
Apr. 12- Elementary Flashlight Egg Hunt
Director of Children's Ministry
Tammy Winchip 704.927.0265