Dear Sequoyah Families,

I'm excited to announce that we have filled our Nest and Out Back lead teacher positions.  Our own Erin Bates will be leading the Nest along with Christophe Boullonnois as the associate and our own Laura Medley will be leading in the Out Back.  They are both qualified, experienced, and poised for a smooth transition into their new positions.  
I'd also like to announce a few position changes for the fall. Maisha and Peter have decided to switch classrooms. This fall, Maisha will be the lead teacher in the Egret's Perch and Peter will be the lead teacher in the Over There class. They are both excited about the new challenges and opportunities these changes will bring.  Earlier in the year I announced that Jeff and Dyane would be shifting to the Backyard class as lead and associate. Renee is entering her last week as the teacher of that class and we will be celebrating her retirement at next week's All School Meeting.
Now we'll begin a search for associates teachers for the Pond and the Egret's Perch. Position announcements will be posted soon.

I look forward to exciting things ahead with these changes.