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Key Independent Development Services, LLC (KIDS)
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Our philosophy is based on the importance of individual adults and children with a significant mental illness achieving and maintaining community stability and independence in the most appropriate and least restrictive environment.
Core Values
Trauma, the Brain and the Body
Dr. A’tasha M. Christian

Understanding Trauma

Many healing groups and counselors are convening to identify how to incorporate the effects of COVID-19 into generational and cultural healing. I recommend that all practitioners, whether physical or medical, begin by administering the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) questionnaire. This is a questionnaire that is free and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It was created to determine if the experiences someone underwent as a child have an impact on physical health challenges as an adult. This can provide a framework for practitioners. Medical providers can then work to refer patients to the mental health community and mental health providers can then make referrals to a medical provider for care. Ideally, this will ensure that our communities are receiving comprehensive care.

Trauma and the Human Body
Trauma can show up in the body through a variety of symptoms and diagnoses:
· Insomnia or nightmares
· Being startled easily
· Racing heartbeat
· Aches and pains
· Fatigue
· Difficulty concentrating
· Edginess and agitation
· Muscle tension
· Hypertension
· Migraines
· Bedwetting
· Chronic Nausea


Books (available on Amazon)
The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel Van der Kolk

The Pain Didn't Start Here: Trauma, Violence and the African-American Community by Denise Hicks-Ray
Happy Birthday!
Crystal Chambers - August 2
Jason Telfare - August 27
Khari Johnson- August 28
Daquawn Moses - August 28
Happy Anniversary!

Timothy L. Jones - August 8
D'Andre Riggins - August 23
Pharoah Whitted - August 24
Brandon Goode - August 31

New Hires!
Q3 New Hires

Kevin Walker - August 3
George Marshall - August 3
Dashawn Patillo - August 17
Iman Shammet - August 18
Derek Dozier - August 24
Gilroy Poindexter - August 24

We are excited to have you all onboard. Let’s make 2021 Impactful!
KIDS was blessed to have TWO well-abled and talented HR interns this summer.

Gabby Cifuentes specialized in Social Media strategy and Branding and helped expand this platform for us. Gabby supported our Recruitment and Compliance efforts. Gabby is ready to finish her senior year at Randolph Macon College.

Farewell To Our Interns

Lilian Sampson specialized in technology and helped us strengthen this platform. Lilian also spearheaded our benefits and compensation research. Lilian also supoported compliance and helped with Employer Partner expansion. Lilian is on to complete her senior year at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Very Best wishes ladies. You are both well on your way to success!

Much Career Success!
Clinical Employee
Vickie Jackson

Leadership is proud to spotlight Vickie Jackson -- our first employee of KIDS since its inception! Our Chief, Mr. Moody, often refers to Vickie as his "day one!"

Vickie has led our clinical efforts with resourcefulness, efficiency, and stamina. Many team members consider her a personal friend. Than you Mrs. V for standing with us through all the shifts and changes of KIDS. We value your impact and appreciate all that you contribute to our services and culture. - Leadership Sentiments

Several team members have shared their impression and accolades of Vickie Below:

"Mrs. Jackson made me feel very welcome when I started with KIDS. I’m currently in school to become licensed and she has given me great advice along the way. I needed to interview an LPC and she was more than willing to help." - Chasidy Hale, QMHP

"I have had the pleasure of working with and being supervised by Ms. Vickie! On my growth journey as a counselor, she has helped me develop my skills in order to assist a population that was once unfamiliar to me. With her guidance I have been able to become a better person and now a counselor! There is no one more deserving of an honor such as this… it’s so overdue! I love you and I pray for your continued prosperity!" - Krystal Cromwell, LPC/Past KIDS Employee/Leadership

"Mrs. Vickie is kind, knowledgeable and manages her team well -- which makes for a pleasant working environment. I can always count on her having a positive attitude and a big smile. Congratulations Mrs. Vickie!" -
Crystal Chambers, MSW/QMHP
Vickie is my Day one! There would not have been Key Independent Development Services without Vickie being willing to help me service clients. - Malcolm Moody, CEO
"Vickie is an extraordinary mentor, coworker, and supervisor. She has demonstrated such passion towards clients and coworkers with her work ethic. She provides educational resources to promote me to become a better person in the mental health field. She has always given me feedback to assist with developing my future. Vickie is a faithful and exceptional person in mental health and I consider her my mentor for client best practices. Thank you so much, Vickie, for being the perfect role model in this field. I pray that I can one day follow in your footsteps and be the best I can be in this field." - Latonya Robinson, Counselor/QMHP


Professional Development Series Postponed
We've decided to postpone this series to focus on more time-sensitive and pertinent organizational needs. We hope to revisit this by Fall.

Openings with KIDS
We are currently hiring for all roles below. Please send resumes of referrals to hr@keyindependent.org and have them complete an application at www.keyindependent.org.
  • 2 House Supervisors - Residential
  • Deputy Director - Leadership
  • Direct Support Professionals - Residential
  • Human Resources Admin - Leadership

Vacation and Out of Office Protocol (must notify payroll admin/HR)
As we strive to better communicate interdepartmentally, is it essential that we have documentation of our absences and shift variances. All leave, paid and unpaid require written notice to your direct supervisor and Human Resources. No extra shifts are to be added to any group home without prior approval by Program Manager -- and these updates must be sent to hr@keyindependent.org.
2 Week Leave Notice/Out of Office Notice

Please make sure you also honor our company policy of as minimum of a two-week requests for leave – both paid and unpaid – and that you follow our written request to your direct supervisor and cc human resources.

Open Time Clock and Shift Accountability
We've recently added additional security and accountability to our group homes to better service our residents and staff. Please make sure you do not vandalize this equipment or make it less effective by altering positioning, as disciplinary actions will be enforced. Stay tuned for Biometric adjustments to verify shifts within group homes.

No one is permitted to leave the premises for personal business once on duty. Period. If you have an emergency, then you must follow protocol to notify your house supervisor and fellow DSPs so coverage may be put in place. If you leave, you are to clock out of the system: remaining on the clock while not working is stealing time and money from the organization, which is grounds for termination. WE value everyone, so please communicate your needs to avoid negative consequences or possible termination.

We are working on closing the gaps on our communication deficiencies. Please share your concerns with your supervision and or Human Resources.
Together, Everyone Achieves More. Let's continue to work towards a better culture. #Teamwork
K.I.D.S Around Town
Peter field house clients enjoying themselves at Cinema Cafe' on the weekend.
Residential Clients having fun while Bowling and eating out together.
K.I.D.S Leadership celebrating National Cheesecake Day
K.I.D.S in Barbados
Leadership Mental Health Retreat
Having the opportunity to go on this Retreat was beyond therapeutic. Time away from work and personal life gave me the chance to relax, see new things and enjoy what life has to offer. I actually had time to focus on my own mental health. Having a young child, and going through a pandemic on top of everything else life throws at us made this break so timely! It was needed so that I can take care of myself. None of this would be possible without Mr. Moody, I am so thankful for being a part of this Leadership Mental Health Retreat.

#SelfCare #MentalHealth #Retreat

Thank you again Mr. Moody! - Deja Overby
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RTA Presents: Back 2 School Drive
Rising Tots Academy will be giving out FREE school supplies.
Sat, August 28, 2021
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Back 2 School - Pop Up, Thrift, & Fish Fry
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Mental Health: Mind Matters Exhibit
Science Museum of Virginia
Recurring daily until August 29, 2021

Riverfront Canal Cruises
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Vaccinated or Not?
Where to get vaccinated?
Visit vaccines.gov to find nearest COVID19 vaccination locations.

Visit VaccineFinder.org (available in English and Spanish), to find vaccination providers near you.

Masks are Still a Mandate On site!

Our workplace mask policies remain the same, as we are a mental health high-risk organization (collectively) with many external visitors at any given time.


We support vaccination (but the choice is yours to act on)! Click the educational links below to learn more information on "Where to get vaccinated," the measured effectiveness of vaccination and how to compare the three brands.
CDC on Vaccine Effectiveness

Key things to know about COVID19 Vaccines and what we are still learning

Who should get the Booster Shot???

Federal health authorities have recommended booster shots for all adults who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with either the the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, citing evidence that suggests breakthrough infections could become more common over time.

If FDA authorizes and ACIP recommends a booster dose, the goal is for the first people eligible for a booster dose to be those who were the first to receive a COVID-19 vaccination (those who are most at risk). This includes healthcare providers, residents of long-term care facilities, and other older adults.
Delta Variant in Virginia
What you need to know...
Virginia Department of Health Announces Significant Increases in Delta Variant in Virginia
(Richmond, Va.) — Today, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) announced a significant increase in the Delta variant throughout the Commonwealth. The Delta variant is dominant nationwide and is the most common variant in Virginia. The Delta variant spreads more than twice as easily as earlier strains of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Eighty percent of infections that occurred during the week ending July 10th that were caused by a variant of concern and reported to VDH were the Delta variant. This is an increase of 45% since the week of June 19th. The more infectious delta variant is contributing to a surge of cases in Virginia.
Currently a subset of COVID-19 positive specimens are available for the specialized testing that is required to see which variant type they are. The Delta variant has been identified in all of Virginia’s five health regions.

“The Delta variant is here in Virginia, and it is hitting our unvaccinated population especially hard,” said State Health Commissioner M. Norman Oliver, M.D, M.A. “We have a very effective tool to stop transmission of COVID-19: vaccination. There is no question that COVID-19 vaccination is saving lives and preventing and reducing illness. I urge everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Do it for your families, your friends, your neighbors, yourself, and join the millions of others who are protected.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), infections in fully vaccinated people, also known as breakthrough infections, happen in only a small proportion of people who are fully vaccinated. Moreover, when these infections occur among vaccinated people, they tend to be mild. However, preliminary evidence suggests that fully vaccinated people who do become infected with the Delta variant may be infectious and might spread the virus to others.

COVID-19 variants have emerged and circulated around the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States are effective at protecting persons from circulating variants of the COVID-19 virus. To protect yourself and others, get vaccinated for COVID-19. 

VDH advises Virginians to: 
  • wear a mask in indoor settings even if you are vaccinated,
  • get fully vaccinated, 
  • stay at least six feet from others outside of your household, 
  • avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, 
  • wash your hands often 
  • stay home if you are infected with COVID-19, and
  • stay separate from others and get tested if you have had close contact with someone with COVID-19. 

The best way to stop variant strains from developing in the first place is to stop the spread of COVID-19. Please see the Variants of Concern (VOC) dashboard for more information about all variants of concern identified in Virginia. 
While the restrictions have been modified by Governor Northram and the state of Virginia, KIDS has decided to hold our best practices in place while onsite in our Brick and Mortars. As a mental Health Facility, we serve those among High-risk and want to best support them by continuing our best practices with PPE.

Our safety and prevention policies help ensure the health and safety of our team, our people in service and our facilities.

You are in compliance with our Covid-19 Safety and Prevention practices if you remember to:
  1. Complete our Home Health Screening prior to reporting to work each shift AND ensure those we service complete the screening as well.
  2. Check your temperature per shift/engagement. Temperatures of 100.4 or higher raise alarm and one should NOT report to work or render services.
  3. Wear MASKS while on duty and layer up with gloves, lab coats and face shields as necessary while you are on duty or in the community.
  4. Social distance as is practicable and sanitize often.
  5. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  6. Sanitize common areas with 60% or higher liquids and disinfectants
  7. Educate yourself on vaccinations and take the measures you find most supportive of your lifestyle, daily contact and overall safety.


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