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K Pawz Creations Newsletter13 October , 2011

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I have been off the grid for a bit. I just finished up an amazing visit with my Mom and Dad, and am now getting back to the studio to get some more creations finished. I have a lot of new amazing ideas and I can't wait to create them!

  Realistic Weimeraner Puppy and Tabby Kitten

Zander and Zack 

While my parents were visiting I was able to get some work done on these two, they have been in progress for some time now.
I hadn't planned to make a set out of them but they seemed to fit so well together I did some photos of the two together, and they really do make a cute pair.
I have given them each their own seperate auction though, so if you want to keep them together make sure you bid on both auctions.
Zander is the Weim and he is approximatley 12.5" nose to tail, and has been created out of silky imported plush by Tyber. He has an Epoxy Resin nose, and teeth, a wired tounge, his mouth opens and closes, along with open and close taxidermy eyes. Fully body with no joints with an inner armature, and is filled with poly fil, steel shot and poly pellets.
Zander is lifesize for a real 6-8 week old Weimeraner Puppy.
He is on eBay for 3 days with a start of $100.00 and a reserve of $1500.00
Zack is the tabby kitten, and he is approximately 8" nose to tail. Zack has been created out of silky imported fur too, he started all white, and all of his shading was done by airbrush with acrylic inks.
Zack is very special in that his face is sculpted out of Epoxy Resin, and then has been furred one hair at a time with the same fur he is made from, all of the fur has been blended into the fabric and painted just the same as the rest of him. It is hard to see where the fur stops and the sculpting begins.
Zack's eyes and mouth do not open.
Zack has been made in the size of a 6-8 week old kitten.
Zack is in his own special auction on ebay for 3 days, and he has a start price of $100.00 and a reserve of $500.00.
Zack the Tabby Kitten's Auction
 Layaway is available on Zack and Zander (if you win both auctions the layaway will be the combined amount of both auctions and must be paid as such in the form of two equal payments, not two seperate layaways), please contact me prior to bidding

if you plan to use layaway.


 Layaway is in the form of 2 equal payments 30 days apart.


URSA 2011 Awards!


Thank you so much to all who voted! Isis and Valentine have both come in first place in each of their categories! 


Thank you so much everyone for your continued appreciation of my creations, your wonderful emails really make my day!  It is because of all of you that I do what I do!
Krista Griffiths
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