InnovateK12 Newsletter: July 18, 2019
2019 K12 Innovation Summit a Success!
Kristin Daniels, InnovateK12 Executive Director

Thank you to everyone who attended the annual K12 Innovation Summit! Thank you especially to our presenters! The summit happens because you understand how critical it is to share stories and experiences. Best practices for crowd-based innovation in education are being established and over thirty schools, districts and educational organizations will run both staff AND student events during the 2019-2020 school year.

As we look forward to next year, we are seeking your feedback on this year's summit. If you attended the summit, please take 5 minutes for a short survey. We value your opinion.
InnovateK12 Cohort Member Next Steps
Take the survey! As mentioned, we are already starting to think about how we can make the summit a better experience for all. Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey. Your opinion matters!
Watch your email! At the K12 Innovation Summit we announced that we would be creating an online space for cohort members to ask questions, share best practices, and tell stories. Check your email this week for an invite to this online space (to be named).
First Check In! Please click here to schedule your first 30 minute meeting with InnovateK12 to begin planning your 2019-2020 challenge(s). These meetings should take place by Friday, August 2nd. Email Kristin if you are unable to meet before then.
Sandbox is Still Open! If you haven't checked out the new Spigit software, plan to join the sandbox site before you launch your own school/district event. Complete this form to receive an invitation.
Check out summit highlights (and no lights) below!
Kami Thordarson shares her keynote message on the power of design thinking.
The summit welcomed students from Mound Westonka High School
Despite a power outage on Monday, the programmed resumed after a break.
The team from Saline Public Schools takes time to have fun during the power outage!
Design Thinking gurus Julie Baeb and Nicole Snedden return to guide new districts.
Alexandria Public Schools, MN brought a great, big team to attend the summit!
Christine McCormick, Innovative Systems Officer from Mason City Schools, OH, created and shared her sketchnotes from the keynotes; a fun way to capture main ideas!
K12 Innovation Summit Resources
Summit Program
Summit At-a-Glance with session resource links
Innovation Planning Guide
A message from our conference sponsor, Edmentum
A note to participants of the 2019 K12 Innovation Summit
from John Bowie, Director of Experience Design at Edmentum

It was an honor for Edmentum to be a sponsor of the K12 Innovation Summit this year. I was personally inspired to hear your amazing stories of innovative programs you are implementing in your districts. 

The theme of human-centered design is of particular interest to me. I have practiced human-centered design for the past thirty-five years, first at HP, then on to Microsoft, GE, UnitedHealth Group, Deloitte, and, for the past seven years, at Edmentum. I have witnessed firsthand the challenges educators face (my wife is a teacher) and it has been the most rewarding job of my career to work at a company whose guiding principle is #EducatorFirst , and that is dedicated to being educators' most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs.

At Edmentum, we strive to balance innovation with simplicity and rigor. My personal opinion is that simplicity is the greatest innovation, which is why the practice of human-centered design is so critical to technology adoption. The most innovative technology provides no value if it is so complex that people can’t figure out how to use it. At Edmentum, our goal is to design simple technology so that educators can focus on, and spend more time with, their students. Toward this end, we conduct extensive observational research, focus groups, and usability tests to ensure we identify and mitigate educator pain points and continuously improve our products. As director of the experience design team, my job is to make your job easier.

To learn more about the approach to human-centered design that I have developed over the course of my career, check out the articles I have published on LinkedIn.

Thanks for a great conference and have a great 2019-2020 school year!

Thank you to our K12 Innovation Summit Sponsors!