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May 2018
News and Announcements
May was the last full month of the school year and K2C's last full month of events and outreach. Taking a break from school doesn't mean you have to take a break from saving though! If you have not already earned all of your incentives, summer break is your chance to lock them in before they expire. Save at least $10 each month to earn an additional $10, up to six times. Start by July to make sure you can get your full $60 in incentives if you have not already.

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A child in a red shirt reaches up to deposit one dollar at a bank teller window.
K2C News Ticker
Total savers: 5768
Total registered accounts: 2803
 Total saved by students, families: $3.2 million
Total in accounts: $5.5 million
New savers between April and May : 142
New registrations between Apr and May : 59
Top 5 Saver Rates as of 17 May:
George Peabody - 70.1%
Chinese Education Center - 62.2%
Sutro - 58.5%
Jean Parker - 53.9%
Visitacion Valley - 52.0%
Top increase in Saver Rate from Dec to May:
Chinese Education Center - 16.4% to 62.2%
Visitacion Valley - 8.7% to 52.0%
Mission Education Center - 3.6% to 34.6%
George Peabody - 57.6% to 70.1%
Dr. William L. Cobb - 8.4% to 19.8%
BREAKING NEWS: Saving For College Art Contest Winners!
Through April, K2C and SFUSD ran an art contest with a "Saving for College" theme. Art was judged based on interpretation of the theme, clarity of the message, and creative by a panel of five representatives from City Hall, SFUSD, Citibank, the Asian Art Museum, and San Francisco State University.

1st Place: Marina Lombardi-Coronel, Alvarado Elementary, awarded a $125 K2C Scholarship
2nd Place: Paola Hernandez, Mission Education Center, awarded a $100 K2C Scholarship
3rd Place: Aaron Malauulu, Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary, awarded a $75 K2C Scholarship

Come see their artwork on display at City Hall in Room 140. Art will be displayed through June.

Congratulations to our top three winners, and all of the school winners who received $25 K2C Scholarships!
Did your school participa te in the "Saving for College" Art Contest? Check with your school's K2C Ambassador and let them know if you would like to see more contests like this one.
A young girl in a green jacket reaches for a bubble. A park is out of focus in the background
SFUSD Family Welcome Day
All incoming kindergarten families, graduating students, alumni families, and school supporters are invited to come meet Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews , San Francisco Treasurer José Cisneros, and other SFUSD families at Potrero del Sol Park!

Date: Sunday, June 3, 2018
Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm
Location: Potrero Del Sol Park
1442 San Bruno Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

Did you know?
There are 7 months left to earn the Save Monthly incentive
For accounts opened before December 31, 2017, the Save Monthly incentive will expire on December 31, 2018. That means you have 7 months left to earn $10 each month that you contribute at least $10 to your account. You can earn this incentive six times, for a total of $60. Start saving now to make sure you earn the entire $60 by contributing in at least 6 of the 7 months until December.

Log in and check your K2C balance to see if you have earned your full $60 in Save Monthly incentives. Available to all accounts that have not previously earned the Save Steady incentive. If this is your first time logging in, you'll also earn a $20 incentive for creating your username and password!

Contact us at for more information.
Monthly Spotlight
At School Deposits for Dr. George Washington Carver Students
Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary is lucky enough to have two K2C Ambassadors helping their students build college-going identities through planning and saving for college. Unfortunately, there are no Citibank branches close to the school for students to go to when they want to deposit into their K2C accounts!

So what happens when you have students and families ready to save and no bank to take the money? In the case of Carver Elementary, your Ambassadors bring the bank to you!

Ambassadors Mauricha Robinson and Ashley Bonton held multiple deposit drives over the course of the year, allowing students to bring their deposits to school. Ms. Robinson and Ms. Bonton then coordinated with a community partner to pick up the deposits and carry them to the bank. Their efforts took Carver Elementary's Saver Rate from 11.7% to 18.4% without any students or families having to take an extra trip to the bank. They are pioneering this new method of engaging families with their college savings accounts and have taught everyone involved a lot about the challenges and possible solutions to limited banking access for Carver students. Thank you Ms. Robinson and Ms. Bonton for going the extra mile for your students, and helping us develop a new way to help students save.

Thanks also go out to community partners Urban Ed and Felton Institute, who have helped us pick up deposits and get them safely to the bank. Helping establish a college-going culture really is a group effort!
A child's hand pushes a clear plastic piggy bank with quarters partially filling it.
Would your child benefit from being able to make deposits at school, encouraged by their teacher and surrounded by their friends? Contact your school's K2C Ambassador or email to see if this type of event is right for your school.
Question of the Month
Isn't Kindergarten a bit early to start thinking about college?
It's never too early to start thinking about college. K2C is not just about saving for college, it's about building a college-going identity in students of SFUSD. When a student's parents expect them to go to college, they support and prioritize their education from the very beginning. When a child expects to go to college, they study harder, have better attendance, and are less likely to drop out of school before graduating high school. We believe that every child in San Francisco is college material, and K2C is proud to support families first steps in planning for post-high school education. Start talking to your children about college today, and make a commitment to that future by beginning to save.
K2C Calendar
Calendar Image - Picture by Pexels via Creative Commons
Does your school have any upcoming K2C Events? Contact your school's K2C Ambassador to find out or request that one be scheduled!
May 2 - School Field Trip
May 3 - 11 - Art Contest Judging
May 10 - Parent Engagement workshop with K2C
May 11 - School Field Trip
May 14 - Parent Field Trip
May 14 - K2C Scorecards sent out
May 17 - School Field Trip
May 21 - Registration Drive at BVHM
May 23 - School Field Trip
May 25 - Kindergarten orientation at Rosa Parks
May 29 - Art Contest reception
May 31 - June 5 - Promotion ceremonies
June 3 - SFUSD Welcome Day
Savings Book of the Month
This month's K2C feature book on learning about money and savings is "Ultimate Kids' Money Book" by Neale S. Godfrey, recommended for children ages 8 - 12.

Are your readers ready for a bigger book about money? This book covers everything from budgeting to basic economics and includes explanations of checks and credit cards.
Check with the San Francisco Public Library for available titles. A full list of suggested books is here .
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  • Request a bank field trip: K2C leads visits to the bank for family organizations, SFUSD classrooms, scouting troops, after school programs, summer camps, and other groups! More details at
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