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Welcome Kit & Activity Report
Are Coming in November!
In November K2C families will receive welcome kits and activity reports mailed to their home address instead of receiving them from schools. Welcome kits will be sent to all new K-10 students in the district. Activity reports will be sent to current SFUSD students who already have a K2C account. Look for them in your mailbox!
October is National Financial Planning Month

Financial Planning Month reminds us to keep our spending in check and prepare our budgets. It’s a great time to plan your family’s financial future – think about what your current situation in 2020 is and what you could do in 2021. You might want to do something new; you may want to do some things differently and consider how you’re saving for your child’s future.
K2C News Ticker
SFUSD total accounts: 42,789
Total savers: 8,656
Saver rate: 20.2%
Total saved by students, families: 5 million
Total in accounts: $8.3 Million
Total online users: 5,677
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Scholarships Awarded with SF Public Library & K2C!
We are proud to announce the SF Public Library and K2C have established a new partnership to award contributions to eligible Youth Engaged in Library Leadership (YELL) teen interns. This summer 10-12th graders attended working sessions, collaborated on content creation for STEM tutorials or technology tools for seniors and developed additional leadership skills. They also attended a workshop on financial literacy, explored reading lists on topics of interest and either created or refined their resumes with the database Brainfuse. 
Tenth grade students who successfully completed this program and elected to receive their $500 dollar contribution deposited in their K2C savings account for college. Check out the STEM videos here.
Some of the YELL scholars: Colten (left), Sophia (middle), Saw (right)
Trick or Treat Savings for College!
Have you made your plans for Halloween? We know this will be a different Halloween year for sure, but it is also an opportunity to make your trick or treat saving for college an event! Ask your friends and family to make a deposit into your child’s K2C account instead of candy. Or hand out coins yourself to trick or treaters. Stick coins to this handy K2C trick or treat sheet. Do not know your K2C account? Find it here.
Monthly Spotlight
K2C School Ambassadors at Everett Middle School
Roberto Aparicio (left), Ana Cass Reyes (right)
Every year K2C partners with School Ambassadors who support our outreach efforts to families and students in their school sites. Please meet two school Ambassadors at Everett Middle School: Roberto Aparicio and Ana Cass Reyes.

Roberto has been at Everett Middle School for 6 years providing support and services to Everett Newcomer families and is very excited about bringing K2C to our families. Ana acts as the school contact person for community outreach.

“My job is to support and connect families with resources in San Francisco. I work closely with newcomer families and students in helping navigate the school system”
- Roberto Aparicio
“As the K2C Ambassador for Everett, I'm looking forward to helping our families take advantage of the program and it's incentives. I'm so happy to help improve the odds for our students to set themselves on a path to college”
- Ana Cass Reyes
We want to spotlight you and your story! Email us at k2c@sfgov.org with the subject "Saver Story" to tell us why you save, how you save, when you started saving, or anything else about you or your child's participation in K2C.
Have Questions? We Have Answers!
Join K2C Facebook Live and Zoom Office Hours and learn about the basics of K2C! We offer these sessions in both Spanish and English where you can ask us questions about K2C such as: how to find out your student’s account number or how to register online and much more!
  • Spanish: Every Wednesday at 3:30 pm on our Spanish Facebook page
  • English: Every Thursday at 3:30 pm via Zoom link here.
Meeting ID: 915 1299 0629
Passcode: 248202
Ask a Student!
Anyone can encourage a child's aspirations. We’ll provide a suggested question each month that you can ask students you know!

This Month's Question: What would your Halloween costume be if your costume is what you want to be 20 years from now?
Support K2C
Whether you are a parent/guardian of a current student, a school administrator, or community members, there are many ways to support K2C. Join us!
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