KAAR Political Report Special Edition:
Recode Knoxville
What you and your clients need to know:
Recode Knoxville is the overhaul of Knoxville's Zoning Code and Map:
  • Recode is rezoning every parcel within Knoxville city limits.
  • Recode will change what you can build, where you can build, & what you can do on your property in the future by changing permitted uses & design standards for residential & commercial property.
  • KAAR's Governmental Affairs Team continues to be heavily involved in the Recode process, advocating to protect private property rights from unnecessary limitations & regulation.
  • Find more detailed information about the Recode project, at www.RecodeKnoxville.com.
What you and your clients need to do:
Help your clients look up the proposed zoning for their properties in Knoxville & submit comments/questions on www.RecodeKnoxville.com :
  • View the current (final) map and draft here.
  • Submit comments/questions through the May 10 deadline here.
  • Still need help? Contact Jennifer Roche, jennifer@kaarmls.com.

Attend the City Council Recode Meeting/Vote:
  • Tuesday, May 14, 3:00pm, Main Assembly Room of the City/County Building. KAAR's Governmental Affairs Team will be attending as well.
  • The 2nd City Council meeting is scheduled for May 30, time TBD.
How KAAR has been involved:
KAAR staff and members have been extensively involved in the Recode project:
  • Submitting Hundreds of Comments for Revisions of the Draft & Map
  • Gathering & Addressing Concerns from REALTORS & Property Owners
  • Serving on the City's Stakeholder Advisory Committee
  • Working on KAAR's Recode Task Force & Focus Group
  • Meeting with City Staff, MPC & City Council Members
  • Testifying at Public Meetings & Workshops
  • Participating in Forums at KAAR
  • and much more...
What KAAR will continue to do:
KAAR does not endorse or oppose Recode, but has advocated for, and achieved, changes to the draft & map to protect your business & your client's property rights. Here are some of the priority issues we've won:
  • Protected REALTOR sign regulations from further limitations.
  • Removed unreasonable regulations for home occupations affecting REALTORS.
  • Protected listed/marketed properties from abandonment claims.
  • Supported neutral zoning for residential and commercial properties.
  • Removed onerous design regulations for single-family homes.
  • Protected uniform residential neighborhood setbacks & buffer zones.
  • Protected commercial property from vague, subjective hillside regulations.
  • Preserved commercial parking & landscaping regulations from further limitations.
  • Removed expensive design standards from commercial regulations.
  • Supported pedestrian safety regulations in commercial areas.
  • and much more...

For more detailed information, contact Jennifer Roche, jennifer@kaarmls.com ..