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KAC August Newsletter

Internal and external work

You're probably familiar with Kansas Action for Children through our public-facing efforts. We visit communities, write about the importance of early education, and give interviews on tax policy.

But much of our work, especially at this time of year, is internal. Last month, I mentioned our learning and travel. This month, I want to highlight innovative efforts inside KAC.
We recognize that the demands of our powerful new three-year strategic plan requires improving tools and processes to achieve our goals. Director of Organizational Effectiveness Jami Jones represents our commitment to these efforts. She has been working with staff throughout KAC to make sure our goals and missions are aligned, and that we can all move forward with purpose and motivation. By leveraging Jami's expertise, we're investing in our team in important ways, ensuring we have what we need to support growth, learning and KAC's ability to be an exceptional place to work.

We also make connections with our friends and partners across the world of Kansas advocacy. So many people, in so many places, want to improve this state. We want to make sure that our relationships are strong and enduring.

Sure, this behind-the-scenes planning and coordination might seem like inside baseball. It's certainly not as visible as a full-page newspaper ad or glossy mailer. But it's crucial to our goal: Making Kansas the best state in the nation to raise -- and be -- a child.

Ad astra,

Scenes from Kansas Action for Children's in-office learning opportunity and staff retreat held August 15.
KAC Vice President of Advocacy John Wilson (center) speaks in Louisiana on August 16.

Mr. Wilson goes to Louisiana

KAC Vice President of Advocacy John Wilson visited Louisiana in mid-August for the launch of the Louisiana Budget Project's policy platform. John spoke about the importance of tax and budget issues to a children's organization and shared KAC's experience fighting and defeating harmful fiscal policy.

The Invest in Louisiana project sets out an ambitious agenda for re-investment in the state. According to its website: "It's time for a new vision for Louisiana -- one that invests in its people and builds a stronger future for all its residents. By prioritizing our communities, workers, children and families, Louisiana can create a more inclusive economy that betters the lives of all Louisianans. Simply put, we, the people of Louisiana, are our state's best investment."

Child care funding call to action

This month, KAC asked our supporters to share the importance of federal dollars helping Kansas families.

Congressional staff are deciding how much money to spend on child care for the next year. Our Kansas senators, Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, sit on key committees that will direct where those funds go.

Families deserve child care options that won't break the bank and will work for them, and child care assistance is essential for helping families find and afford the high-quality care they need. That's why we asked our email list to take a stand and ask Sens. Moran and Roberts to increase funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant.

High-quality, affordable child care is fundamental to the success of our children, families, and economy. It helps parents work and keep jobs and children succeed in school. But right now, families across the country are struggling to find and afford high-quality child care.

Missed our call to action the first time round? You can still contact the senators through the action alert, which can be found here.
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