Pirate Athletes
Get Ready to Sweep

1st Annual Pirate Sweep
Saturday, Aug. 11th - 9:00 am to Noon
Festival Grounds at Rockport Harbor

Keep Aransas County Beautiful to Facilitate
County-Wide Cleanup With
Aransas County ISD Football Teams - All Are Welcome!

In anticipation of Harvey Anniversary, all are welcome to join the rewarding fun helping us Cleanup Roadways and Cheer on the Pirate Football Team before they officially begin their 2018 Season! We anticipate up to 120 athletes and their parents to march down major intersections leading into the area to "tackle" trash.

Wear your favorite Pirate Spirit Wear!
*Sturdy shoes you don't mind getting dirty, pants,
hat, mosquito spray, sunscreen*

Thank you to athletic director, Coach Jay Seibert for making contact with KACB to start an annua l event allowing his athletes to give back and take pride in the community!

Fun Gift Card Giveaways like for Craziest Trash Found, etc.
Donuts - Food - Water - Music -

Donations Needed!
Do you feel called to sponsor, donate or help out in a meaningful way?
Pease contact Event Organizer and KACB, VP - Diane Tucker - Email
KACB's Main Phone: 361-210-8300 - Rosemary Pizio-White - Exec. Dir.
KACB Receives Award of Excellence at 51st Annual Keep Texas Beautiful Conference
Keep Texas Beautiful and the Texas Department of Transportation awarded KACB as one of the recipients of the Award of Excellence for the 2017 Governor's Community Achievement Award at the 51st Annual Keep Texas Beautiful Conference in Georgetown in June.
Thank you to our dedicated board members, community leaders and Aransas County citizens.
Let's keep working to make Aransas County Beautiful!
Receiving the award: LR  
KACB Board Member - Nelida Spurrell (Neli) ,Keep Texas Beautiful Executive Director Susanne Kho, KACB Board Member Diane Tucker and KTB Coordinator Sara Nichols.
Our Active Board Has Lots to Report!
NEW! Full-Time Employee: w/ deep thanks to the Texas Workforce Commission, we have received a full-time employee from the Department of Labor for one full year and we hope to keep her! Rosemary Pizio-White is our new dedicated executive director! Special thanks to Diane Probst for applying for the grant on our behalf and to the History Center of Aransas County for allowing us to office with you!
Rockport-Fulton Entrance Signage - Working on the purchasing of new sails, flags, plantings to spruce up the mess Harvey made.
Did you know the entrance flags spell out "Welcome" in nautical flag speak?
Spot Cleanups - are using volunteers from Aransas County Volunteer Center Ongoing
Large Post Event Cleanups - Partnering with Boy Scouts to cleanup 49th annual Rockport Art Festival and will also at the Hurricane Harvey Anniversary weekend.
Beautification - Your donations helped us gift 2 Park Benches to Aransas County's Pathways and we sent a team of youth to help them rebuild fencing at Linda S. Castro Nature Sanctuary
Greening - We are now in-charge of the Monthly Plant Exchange at the History Center for Aransas County - 1st Weekend of every month at 10:00 a.m.
Since KACB lost everything in our storage shed - Fingers Crossed - We've Applied for Grant with Keep Texas Beautiful. We need a 12' Cargo Trailer - This trailer will serve as storage and advertising as a mobile supply unit to help in our work.
Blue Crab Fundraising - Every other month are assisting Winery by the Bay in their wonderful fundraising work. Donations are needed for the Silent Auction and of course we will accept your general donation(s). Next one is August 16th 4:30
Board Networking Meeting with our Bays Governing Bodies - KACB facilitated a productive round table discussion with Mission Aransas, Coastal Bend Bays and Estuaries, our Navigation District to talk about ways we can better help each other.

Mark your Calendars for Land and Water Related Cleanups:
9:00 am to Noon
  • August 11th - Pirate Sweep - Rockport Fairgrounds - Community Roadways cleanup
  • August 16th - 4:00 to 6:30 - Blue Crab Silent Auction Party at Winery by the Bay
  • September 22nd - Texas' General Land Office Waterway Cleanup - TBD working with Nav. Dist. to identify under-served areas
  • 1st Week in Nov - If all works out with permitting, funding, etc. - we hope to hold our 1st Annual Fishing Guide Led Cleanup - this year Cove Harbor
  • February 16th - Love Where You Live - Waterway Cleanups
  • April 13th - Don't Mess with Texas Trash Off

**Please consider joining us monetarily or becoming a sponsor at these annual events. As a young organization, the plain truth is, we are in great need of funding to our General Fund to do things and do them right!
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Pretty Please - Would You?:
  • Forward this email to anyone you think may want to join us, we want to increase our communication
  • Consider joining our Board - Email us - info@kacbtx.org
  • Show up to our projects and have fun with us

Enter to Win Monthly Drawing
Don't wait for us! Do a Cleanup on Your own
If you do a 30 gal. bag min. trash cleanup and dispose of it properly , take a pic, and post it on social media with the hashtag: #ImKeepingAransasCountyBeautiful
Will enter you into a monthly drawing to win a local a $20 Gift Card to area restaurants. Winner announced each month.
Starting Today!
Announcing our Fund Drive
"Friends of Keep Aransas County Beautiful"

We have varying levels of Sponsorship you can explore by clicking here:

For General Fund Donations:
Our stewardship focus is to benefit all of Aransas County with
Cleanups, Beatification Projects, Educational Programs, Greening and more.

Groups - Organizations - Company Employees - Tourists - Families - Etc.
Are Welcome to Join Us!
Sponsorship - Partnerships - Donations - Expertise - Equipment - ?

Your Keep Aransas Beautiful Board
Meets 2nd Monday of Every Month at 5:30
Rockport Center for the Arts - Classroom B - Join us
Executive Committee:
President - D'Ann Williams
Vice-President - Diane Tucker
Secretary - Judy Sutterfield
Treasurer - Karen Ernst
Executive Director - Rosemary Pizio-White
Terry Darby Your name here
Malcom Diecklaw Your name here
Donna Gregory Your name here
Neli Spurrell Your name here
Mark Waters
Cheryl Wilson
We are currently looking for dedicated and engaged board members.