After further review of  Governor Kelly's latest Executive Order , we believe you can reopen your sales floor under today’s order, BUT it is not business as usual. The general public outside of Essential Businesses are still under a ‘stay at home’ order and can only be out as allowed. This is still a general quarantine and if dealers abuse it, there will be consequences. Please continue to observe limited activities. The 10 person group limits, 6 foot separation, sanitation, etc. are still in place.

If you are going to work manifest lists, internet leads and the like, then the order implies they should be done remotely, if possible. Sales resulting from those are not addressed, but keep in mind people are themselves quarantined so are expected to have limitations on them. Continuing to do reduced hours, appointment only and separated transaction of business with electronic emphasis is still the recommended approach, but not an all in sales approach. We are still in an epidemic mode and restrictions are the rule of the day, but there is now some sales leeway. 

The employee’s word to/from work is enough, but a letter may be appropriate. Those who can telecommmute are to do so. So if you have operations that can be adapted electronically, you should. Keep in mind, if things don’t improve the orders will become more restrictive and you will need these processes tin place. 

KVTSC is still open for liens and title processing for vehicles not needing registration. But, is only open to dealers and title services.

60-day permit and registration extensions are still in effect. 

KADA’s previous suggestions still stand, but sales can be done on a limited basis. Also, remember, e-signatures on documents are enforceable if your contractors allow them.
KADA will continue to provide updates on critical legislative and regulatory measures as they become available. They will also be posted on www.kansasdealers.org.