Late this morning the governor issued a statewide ‘stay at home’ order superseding all local orders now in effect as of tomorrow night at midnight (actually 12:01 a.m. Monday). What this means for dealers is that you are basically back in business. However, the order also states that where possible people even in Essential Businesses should continue to telecommute where they can. Additionally, people should continue to recognize and apply social distancing (6 feet part), group size (no more than 10 in one area) and sanitation rules. This is not intended to be a all in free order, but a reasonable approach to quarantine which will be changed if abused.

Your employees do not need special passes.  The order allows law enforcement to take one’s word for being in an essential business. 

KADA has in the past issued releases that detail how compliance could be tried under local orders.  We recommend you use those same guidances for this order, though you should now have little risk in so doing because you are authorized to be open and the local rules are now superseded, though they may refine them so long as not in conflict with the state order.  

Reference in the order for this can be found in the preamble paragraphs and paragraph KEFF 200(6)(c).  The order also allows supporting governmental services.  As such, KVTSC will continue as it has to be operational and process titles and liens as it has been doing so long as vehicle registrations aren’t involved.  The orders on 60 day permit extension and registration remain in effect, too.  

KADA will follow up with more detail as needed in the coming days.