As of May 27th, the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) will be finalizing and ending the virtual VIN inspections. They will use May 28th and 29th to complete all inspections waiting in the queue.
On June 1st, they will begin accepting VIN inspections at the inspection stations. There will be a slightly modified process where the customer remains in their vehicle while the inspection is completed. At this point, the public will not be allowed into the inspection offices. 
For the time being, the Patrol will continue to handle the majority of dealer inspections with the minimum of ten vehicles, when they are requested at the dealerships. They will continue this process until they feel like they have caught up with inspections at their offices.
If there are any questions, please continue to direct them to your local VIN Inspection Station.
KADA will continue to provide updates on critical legislative and regulatory measures as they become available. They will also be posted on