May 19, 2020
Kairos Vol. 5, Issue #20
SLUMC Building Front
Pastor Marvin Arnpriester

Many of you ask about my mom and brother this week.  Mom fell at Christmas time and broke her femur. She then suffered a stroke which left her completely paralyzed. She had a series of TIAs which affected her speech, but her mind was still sharp. Because of the Corona virus, no one was able to go see her. Two sisters were allowed in on May 13 and mom told them she was ready to enter God's nearer presence. Just after midnight she died.
My brother David, 10 years younger than me, fought prostrate cancer over 4 years. He has been in hospice care since the first of the year. He died 2 hours after mom died. He donated his body to cancer research.
I chose not to go to Lubbock because of Covid-19 and my compromised immune system. I shared a eulogy for my mom through the miracle of technology. 
I realize I have been living with anticipatory grief for some time. While I would not wish either of them back, I find myself sad and grieving more than I thought I would. I also grieve our being unable to gather for worship each week. I have decided to take the rest of this week off to reflect, remember, and rest.
Thank you so much for your cards, prayers, and support as I continue on through this valley of the shadow of death. By faith, I am confident I will see them again in God's nearer presence.
New Member
The reception of new members will be scheduled for a later date.
If you are interested in joining Sun Lakes United Methodist Church next time we receive members, please stop and visit Pastor Marvin or call the church office at (480) 895-8766.
Our Krafters and congregation members have been busy at home working on stylish cloth masks! Thank you!!!

If you'd like one of these cotton, protective masks stop by the Church Office during office hours: Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Hope Womens Center Logo
Dear Friends,

Beginning today, May 19 through June 4, Hope Women's Center in Coolidge will again be offering classes and lunches for the ladies with a "Different But Better" model. The number of women who can be in the Center at one time will be limited. With social distancing, classes, mentoring, and support services will be offered. Some of our classes will be online and some in person. 

Once again, we are asking you, our wonderful volunteers, to help us provide the food for the ladies lunches Several volunteers have agreed to make our brown bag lunches The center is planning to serve 50 lunches each day. Your donations need to be delivered between 9:00 - 9:30 am on your sign up day. As an option, you can drop it off beforehand between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

You have helped us so much these past weeks, it's difficult to express how much we appreciate you. You are indeed a blessing to us.

Thank you,
Jolyn Logan, Coolidge Center Manager


If you are leaving for the summer (or have already left), help us stay in touch by alerting us to your summer address by calling the Church Office at (480) 895-8766.
Chubby baby

The Church office will be closed on Monday, May 25, for Memorial Day so we may all honor those who have served our country.

sunny-beach-view.jpg Pastor Marvin and Carolyn Arnpriester, family, and friends on the death of his mother, Hazel Arnpriester, Thursday, May 14 and his brother, David Arnpriester, Thursday, May 14 in Texas. Phyllis Noel, family, and friends on the death of her husband Wes Noel, Monday, May 11. Memorial service information is pending. Don Petersen, family, and friends on the death of his significant other, Mae Campion, Friday, May 8. Memorial service information is pending.
Due to all the changes/cancellations the May
calendar will not be published here, please call the 
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