Time to start thinking Spring HVAC!  Kanomax has everything you need to make it a successful season.

Kanomax USA, Inc. Spring HVAC Newsletter 2017
Right now, Kanomax will accept your old equipment, any brand, dead or alive, and provide a discount to replace it with shiny, new Kanomax products.  So, take advantage of  our limited-time promotional opportunities as soon as possible.  Spring HVAC season will be here before you know it!

Our TABmaster Capture Hoods are the primary tool we sell to measure how much air is coming out of a duct. This is a great way to check if your air handler is pumping enough air through the vents. Since the TABmaster also measures temperature you can check your heat or air conditioning efficiency at the same time. This is a great place to start the testing, adjusting and balancing process but it's not the only tool we sell that can help with indoor air comfort.
The new 2212 indoor air quality monitor can measure CO, CO2,  temperature and humidity, but did you know it also has a function that will help you calculate the percentage of outside air being introduced to your system?  With this feature it's possible to figure out the number of air exchanges occurring in a set period. While the capture hood can tell you how much air is being pumped through the duct it can't measure the CO2 levels which can contribute to health issues that affect productivity such as tiredness and headaches.

HERS is a scale of how much energy a home consumes.A standard new home is 100 on the scale, and a zero-energy home is a 0; older homes are likely to have a rating higher than 100 unless they've been retrofitted to reduce energy consumption. The lower the rating is the more energy efficient your home is, so a lower score is more desirable. Having a lower energy home will save you money on your utility bills and depending on where you live it may also qualify you for a tax credit or rebate.
To determine the confirmed rating of your home it is necessary for a certified RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) contractor to perform some tests. The HERS rating covers many factors including insulation, window efficiency, water heating system and heating and cooling system efficiency. Each part has a test or tests to determine the efficiency of the home and the total result determines the score. For the purpose of this article we're going to focus on the heating and cooling system efficiency tests as Kanomax has several instruments to help a contractor perform these.  You can download the complete application note  here .

Mold investigation with Handheld Particle Counters
The model 3887 3 -channel handheld particle counter is useful for cle an r oo m certifications an d spot checks, but it can also be a handy tool for mold remediation projects. 
This g ets a little tricky, because if you're familiar with particle counters you are no doubt aware that they only count particles, they don't classify the type of particle (other then by size), so how can it be used to detect m old? 
The answer: If you take the particle counter into an area that you suspect may have a 
mold problem you can use it to 'screen' the area by taking a count for a set duration in suspect places.  By comparing the counts in each area you can identify the area that has the h ighest concentrat ion of p articles. This then becomes the place for the start of an in -depth investigation.  This technique can save time by pinpointing likely spots that are contaminated with mold.
The counter can also be used to spot check the performance of PHEAF filters to make sure they are containing the mold particles during the remediation process and not redistributing them back into the air.

Learn More about the 3887 Particle Counter

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