HB 1 Implementation Update: KASPER Registration Now Open for Pharmacists

The following communication was sent out July 9, 2012 by the Office of Inspector General regarding the new registration requirement for KASPER.  (See the FAQs below for who must register).  The message was emailed to all pharmacists that have an email address on file with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy. 



Your KASPER account is ready for activation.


(If you already have an eKASPER account you do not have to take further action regarding your account.)


You can now complete your registration for the eKASPER system by accessing our eKASPER Account Activation website, where you will be prompted for your professional license number and KY driver's license number. 


Your preloaded account is available for you to register at any time; it will not expire.  If you already have an eKASPER account please disregard this message.  https://ekasper.chfs.ky.gov/accessrequest/activateaccount.aspx


Note that a Kentucky driver's license is required to complete this paperless registration.  If you do not have a Kentucky driver's license you must submit your account request using the current process that requires mailing your supporting documentation.  https://ekasper.chfs.ky.gov/accessrequest


An eKASPER web tutorial is available with information and guidelines to help make your use of eKASPER easier and more effective. A link to the tutorial (and other links in this email) is located on the KASPER website.


You will have the ability to add delegates who can login to eKASPER and request reports on your behalf.  After activating your account, login to eKASPER and proceed to the Administration area.  Instructions are in the web tutorial linked above and in the instruction document available when you click the Delegate Administration button. A copy of the new legislation with changes pertaining to the eKASPER system is available on the CHFS website.       


 If you are not sure you have an account, need assistance with the registration, or if you are experiencing an issue with an established account you may contact the eKASPER Help desk at eKASPERHelp@ky.gov or 502-564-2703.


 For questions regarding the implementation, practices and requirements of the new law as it pertains to your use of eKASPER contact the KASPER Administrator at eKASPER.admin@ky.gov or 502-564-2815.     


Once you activate your account you can access eKASPER from any computer with Internet access at https://kasper.ky.gov . 


Sincerely, Mary Reinle Begley

Inspector GeneralCabinet for Health and Family Services

HB1 and KASPER Frequently Asked Questions

I practice in another state but I still have a Kentucky practitioner license so do I have to register with KASPER?

Yes, the statute reads that you shall register with KASPER if are authorized to prescribe or dispense controlled substances in Kentucky; typically meaning that you have a Kentucky practitioner license and a DEA license.


I'm a licensed pharmacist but I don't dispense any controlled substances. Must I register for KASPER?

All pharmacists who dispense controlled substances will have to register with KASPER. However, a regulation that will be effective July 20, 2012 will stipulate that as a pharmacist you only have to register with KASPER if you have a DEA license, or own or are employed by a pharmacy that dispenses controlled substances.


Do prescribers have to run a KASPER every time they write a prescription for a controlled substance?

Prescribers must query KASPER before prescribing a Schedule II or Schedule III drug with hydrocodone for the first time. The statute then requires the prescriber to query the system no less then every three months when issuing any new prescription or refill for that patient for any Schedule II or Schedule III drug with hydrocodone. If you do not prescribe controlled substances in Kentucky, you will not be required to query KASPER to obtain patient reports. This requirement does not apply to a hospice program, a licensed optometrist prescribing a Schedule III, IV or V controlled substance, or prescribing of a 3 day supply of a Schedule III controlled substance following oral surgery by a licensed dentist.


I work in a hospital so will I have to query the system before I administer pain medication to a patient?

You will have to query KASPER before you prescribe and administer a Schedule II or Schedule III drug with hydrocodone for a patient in the hospital. Exceptions to this are if you are administering controlled substances for anesthesia immediately prior to or during surgery, administering a controlled substance for emergency circumstances such as at the scene of an emergency, in an ambulance or in an emergency department or intensive care unit in the hospital.


How many delegates can a master account holder have?

There is no limit on the number of delegates a master account holder can have.


When do all of these requirements take effect?

HB1 goes into effect July 20th.


What if I can't get a report or it goes into the manual queue?

The statute requires you to query KASPER for a patient report. In the event the request goes into the manual queue please document the report request number which will satisfy your statutory requirements. If the KASPER system is temporarily unavailable, you should document the date and time of the temporary KASPER system outage.


Do hospitals have to report to KASPER when they directly administer a drug to a patient?

Hospitals will not have to report administration of Schedule II or Schedule III drugs with hydrocodone administered directly to a patient until July 1, 2013.


Are Veteran Affairs (VA) practitioners required to query the KASPER system?

The Department for Veterans Affairs is currently reviewing their policy regarding KASPER access. Any change to the current VA policy will be communicated to practitioners.


KPhA will send out updates as warranted on HB 1.

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