KBA Announces "New" President/CEO
It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association’s Board of Directors, announce the hiring of Chris Winkle as our President and CEO.

If it were any other name, I might say, “our NEW president and CEO,” but Chris is anything but new to KBA. He has served as interim KBA president not once, but twice, and has served on its board as both a director and chairman. 

Currently, Chris is the controlling partner of WCYN Radio in Cynthiana and serves as its president/CEO. It was at WCYN where he began his career in radio broadcasting as the business and traffic manager at the age of 19.

In his quest to become KBA’s president, Chris told us his goal will be to “lead and unify the Kentucky Broadcasters Association with a vision to celebrate the past, embrace the future and engage the next generation of broadcasters.” In his final interview with the board of directors, he shared some terrific ideas for doing just that.

Chris Winkle came highly recommended for this position by a number of people, including James Smith, mayor of Cynthiana, Harrison County Sheriff Shain Stephens, Kentucky Commonwealth Attorney Doug Miller, and David Case, assistant superintendent of the Harrison County school district. In addition to the letters written in support of Chris from these individuals, the board also received letters from the executive directors of three other state broadcasters’ organizations. 

Commonwealth Attorney Doug Miller wrote, “Although he has certainly had other career opportunities, Chris has remained loyal to the provision of local radio and done so successfully in a small market with unavoidable limited revenue and resources. It is my opinion that small market radio is ‘real’ radio, and Chris’s dedication, leadership and approach to the challenges of the industry have resulted in the preservation of service to the several-county WCYN community, which has enjoyed the same since 1956.” 

Mayor James Smith said of Chris, “The Kentucky Broadcasters Association would benefit from having a leader of Mr. Winkle’s caliber.”

We wholeheartedly agree, and we hope you will join us in congratulating Chris Winkle, KBA’s “anything but new” president & CEO.

Marti Hazel
Kentucky Broadcasters Association Board of Directors
KBA Roadshow with Paul Weyland
The KBA Roadshow featuring Paul Weyland!

Registration deadline is June 4.
You must be a KBA Member to attend.
The KBA is pleased to welcome Paul Weyland to the Bluegrass state, June 11-14, 2018. The two -hour information packed sales training is not to be missed if you are in the broadcast arena. Sessions will be held in Paducah, Madisonville, Elizabethtown, Somerset, Pikeville and Lexington. We still have space available, so reserve your spot now. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email from the KBA confirming your training location. A continental breakfast will be served during the morning sessions and an afternoon break during the 2:30pm sessions.

Monday, June 11 8:30am Paducah, KY- Courtyard Marriott-CDT
Monday, June 11 2:30pm Madisonville, KY- Madisonville Community College CDT
Tuesday, June 12 8:30am Elizabethtown, KY- E Town Tourism
Tuesday, June 12 2:30pm Somerset, KY- Center for Rural Development
Wed., June 13 8:30am Pikeville, KY- Hilton Garden Inn
Thurs. June 14 2:30pm Lexington, KY- Four Points Sheraton

*Please note: The Frankfort, KY training on June 14 at 8:30am has been cancelled.

The KBA has now collaborated with Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin to co-sponsor the Midwest Next-Generation TV Summit, June 27 th  & 28 th  in Columbus, OH. While ATSC 3.0 offers remarkable flexibility for broadcasters, most General Managers and Engineers are not fully aware of what’s possible with technology that can seamlessly combine over-the-air with over-the-top content sources. The Summit is designed to give station personnel an overview of early ATSC 3.0 deployments and options to consider when planning for TV’s next big technological leap. Breakout sessions will also include revenue opportunities and the impact of ATSC 3.0 on advertising. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the next generation of television. Registration is only $50 per attendee. For more information on sessions and registration, please  click here.
Chris Winkle
KBA President/CEO
It is an extreme honor to have been selected as the next President of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association. I will never be able to express to you in words how gracious that I am for this opportunity to lead the Association into its next chapter.

As the new President/CEO of the Kentucky Broadcasters Association, I pledge to PROMOTE over-the-air broadcasters who so graciously support and belong to this Association. Together we will unify as one family of broadcasters, with a common goal of serving our communities, listeners and viewers. I pledge to EDUCATE you on issues and matters that are relevant to the broadcast industry; through webinars, eCasts, training and special alerts. Our industry is constantly evolving and we must stay on the front lines of technology and education. I furthermore pledge to PROTECT the membership at all costs. You deserve the opportunity to operate in an economic and regulatory friendly environment. I will fight on your behalf when circumstances arise that threaten the very nature of our purpose. I will also protect your investment in the PEP program through best practices, transparency and fiduciary responsibility.

I would like to personally thank the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors for their trust, confidence and support. Special thanks to Liza Livers, Lisa Gross and Karen Mucci for your encouragement and patience during the Interim learning curve. I would also like to thank those who have carried the torch before me in this position at the KBA. Your efforts have undoubtedly helped to shape the Association as we know it today. So, now I pick up that torch and carry it humbly and proudly with a passion and vision to grow the next generation of broadcasters. Finally, I would be remise not to thank my God above for this amazing opportunity and the wonderful people in my life who have tolerated my unrestrainable passion for this industry. Please never hesitate to reach out to me directly if you have a suggestion, concern or question.

In service to you,

Chris Winkle
Calling All Engineers!!

The KBA is currently seeking input for the 2018 KBA Conference in Bowling Green, KY, October 8-9, 2018. The KBA would like to host a one day intensive training session in conjunction with the Society of Broadcast Engineers on Tuesday, October 9. We need your help in determining the topic. If you have any special request, ideas, please contact Karen Mucci at karen@kba.org.
  • July 19, 2018 @9:30 am ET, KBA Headquarters
  • October 8, 2018 @ 9:30 am CT, KBA Annual Conference, Bowling Green

KBA Roadshow
June 11-14

KBA Annual Conference
October 8- 9, 2018
Bowling Green
Paul Weyland takes LIVE questions from broadcasters! In this segment:
▪ For someone who is new to radio sales, how do you start off a conversation with clients?
▪ How do you get a car dealer to call you back when they think they don’t need to?
▪ I went from commercial radio to publicly-supported radio – do you have suggestions for making the transition and building relationships in this context?
▪ Have you found it more difficult to make face-to-face appointments in our connected world? How do you overcome their objection to “just email me”?

Gary Moore discusses the concept of an advertiser’s market domination and gives some steps that you can follow to help them achieve it through your station!
Wow. John Tkac takes live automotive questions directly from broadcasters! In this session, he answers the following questions:
▪ How do you think vehicle page views impact an auto sale?
▪ Is there a best time of the week to concentrate your radio schedules? Is backloading it toward the weekend best?
▪ You mentioned term limits associated with spending Dealer Cash program funds – are specific times better than others to optimize the chance to leverage the dealer’s ad funding?
▪ Why are dealers so attracted to news? What is the best tactic to take to get a dealer on a non-news TV station?
▪ Does advertising Service and Parts fit in with “The Elements of Compelling Automotive Creative”?

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