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March 5, 2020
Broadcasters serve a critical role in keeping our communities informed and updated. We are offering this information today to try to help you prepare for the ongoing developments regarding the Coronavirus. 

Unlike previous viruses, the Coronavirus appears to have 14+ day incubation period. This may be reduced or increased in the weeks ahead. Also, the vast majority of people exposed to the virus do not show any signs of being affected, but could be carriers in their communities. 

Station Preparedness

1. Supplies: You need to have adequate supplies of cleaning materials to keep your station as safe as possible for employees. 

2. Cross training/Working from home: In case your employees are exposed, and need to be quarantined, you may want to evaluate who could help cover their workload while they are out, as well as having computers or other equipment to allow them to work from home. 

3. Employees: You may want to review with your corporation the leave policy in case someone is required to self quarantine at home, or has become infected with the virus. In addition, you may want to consider policies for employees who have school aged children in case their school is closed, and they will need to be able to take care of their children. 

4. Physical Contact: You may consider discouraging any physical contact in the workplace including handshakes. Some companies are opting for a "fist bump" instead of the traditional handshake for the time being, in an effort to minimize contact.

5. Resources: 
A: CDC - This link takes you to the CDC and has information on the virus and guidance for businesses and employers. It links back to every issue related to this virus. 
B: NIH - Dr. Tony Fauci is the NIAID Director at NIH. He is the most respected person in the United States on this virus as well as other issues. He has been a public servant for many years under numerous administrations. 
C: Surgeon General of the United States: Dr. Jerome Adams is considered a top expert in the United States and could help us identify other experts across the country. 
D: Kentucky Department of Health and Family Services
Future Updates

KBA will continue to update you as we receive additional information. We would also appreciate you sharing any important developments that you may identify in your market so that we can share with other broadcasters. As we all know, we are the First Informers in our communities and the people rely on us to provide accurate information that would affect the local areas. KBA appreciates everything you do to serve the residents of Kentucky. 
Earlier this week, Dawn Sciarrino held a 2020 License Renewal Seminar at KBA Headquarters in Frankfort. The seminar was video archived and is now available for you to view at your convenience. To request the link and supporting documents, please email Amber at
The National Association of Broadcasters announced the 50 finalists for the 33rd annual NAB  Crystal Radio Awards . Since 1987, the NAB Crystal Radio Awards have recognized radio stations for their outstanding year-round commitment to community service. Winners will be announced and the finalists honored at the  We Are Broadcasters Celebration , held Tuesday, April 21 during the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The Kentucky Broadcasters Association would like to congratulate the following Kentucky stations who were named Crystal Radio award finalists.

WBUL-FM, Lexington
WDNS-FM, Bowling Green
WTFX-FM, Louisville
The Edge Media Group (WKDZ/WHVO/WPKY/WKDZ-FM), headquartered in Cadiz, Kentucky, proudly announces the launch of a new statewide ag radio network, Your Ag Edge. Effective March 16 th , Your Ag Edge will be the provider of what is currently known as Across Kentucky, but under a new show name, Travelin’ the Bluegrass. 

Travelin’ the Bluegrass is a three-minute daily radio feature that showcases Kentuckians’ pride in its people and its land. The story of rural Kentuckians deserves to be told, and who better to tell it than Alan Watts, current host of Across Kentucky. Alan has over 35 years of experience in broadcasting and is the News and Ag Director for The Edge Media Group. He was born and raised on a farm, and started his career in ag broadcasting. He is one of two Kentuckians in the National Association of Farm Broadcasters. Alan is known across the bluegrass as the Farmers’ Friend.

Travelin’ the Bluegrass promises to be an even broader stroke of rural Kentucky. It may be about Pikeville’s Hillbilly Days, Todd County’s poultry industry, or Kentucky’s famous Bourbon Trail. The common theme will be life in rural Kentucky.

Travelin’ the Bluegrass will be available very soon for auto-download on a newly designed website, (under construction). The format for Travelin’ the Bluegrass will be the same as today’s Across Kentucky (3 minutes total in 2 segments). 

Beth Mann, President of the Edge Media Group stated, “We are thrilled to take on this endeavor, and we are hopeful that you will share the story of rural Kentucky with your listeners, both on the radio and via digital platforms”. If you are already an Across Kentucky affiliate, or would like to carry Travelin’ the Bluegrass, please email Beth Mann at .
KBA is now accepting scholarship applications for both the high school scholarship and the Harry Barfield scholarship. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, April 15, 2020. For more information click HERE.
The KBA will again be offering up to a $1,000 reimbursement for broadcasters who attend the NAB Show in Las Vegas in April.

Those eligible to receive reimbursement must be a full-time employee of a KBA member station.

This is a post-conference reimbursement and proof of registration and supporting receipts are required. The online reimbursement form is available HERE.
APRIL 4, 2020
5:30 pm - Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters Awards @ Galt House

APRIL 8, 2020
9:00 am - KBA Board of Directors Meeting @ KBA Headquarters in Frankfort

APRIL 18-22, 2020
NAB Show (Las Vegas, NV)

OCTOBER 11-13, 2020
KBA Annual Conference (Owensboro, KY)

*All times shown are Eastern
KBA’s new Engineering Hotline is up and running. If you have a question for Scott, please call (866) 4KBAHELP.

(866) 4KBAHELP
Get answers to your everyday regulatory questions – political, EEO, public file and Kentucky legal concerns. No charges for any questions that can be answered by phone without research.

Call Dawn: 202-256-9551
Call Monica: 513-651-6783
The next required monthly test will be Thursday, March 19th @ 3:50 am eastern time.

Print the 2020 KY EAS Schedule by clicking here.
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