Missions Affiliations and Allocation Committee Update
While last year proved challenging to many individuals and organizations, thanks to the incredible generosity and faithfulness of Knollwood's members, along with lower operating expenses for the year, KBC found itself with a 2020 budget excess of nearly $90,000. In late January, the Mission Affiliations and Allocation Committee (MAAC) was asked to allocate these funds to the benefit of our community. For the following 90 days, our committee prayerfully and thoughtfully allocated funds to local organizations focused on education, food insecurity, homelessness, family support, and community support. In line with prior recommendations from our Racial Equity Taskforce, our committee also intentionally sought to support minority-led organizations doing work with communities disproportionately impacted by racial inequity, insufficient resources and pressing needs.The details below show how the funds were disbursed in service to our community.

In the coming months, we encourage you to learn more about the phenomenal work these organizations are doing. We also welcome your feedback and questions. We celebrate the abundance God has given us and trust that through our shared work God's Kingdom will flourish, even in the face of unprecedented challenges.
Excess Budget Allocations by Category
$91,600 Shared with Community Organizations
MAAC prayerfully and thoughtfully allocated the excess funds from 2020 to local organizations in support of COVID-related immediate needs of the homeless community, families, education, and racial equity, with the majority of these funds being disbursed to minority-led organizations.
Food Support - 10.9%
Storehouse for Jesus $10,000

Homelessness - 12.6%
Family Promise of Davie County $5,000
greeNest $5,000
WSFCS Project HOPE $1,500

Education - 24.6%
YMCA of Northwest NC $10,000
Best Choice Center $5,000
T.U.R.N. $5,000
Freedom School $2,500
Community Support - 26.9%
El Buen Pastor $10,000
SG Atkins CDC $9,600
Whole Man Ministries $5,000

Family Support - 25.1%
Eliza’s Helping Hands $10,000
The Parenting PATH $5,000
House of Hope Piedmont $5,000
Just HOPE Women LEAD $3,000
With Gratitude,
Rebecca Neiberg, Committee Chair
Karen Grippe, Vice-chair
Bob Setzer, Staff Liaison
Corinne Causby
Bill Davis
Barbara Hendrix
Katy Hites
Mary Hix
Daniel Joyce