Kepner Beacon Community,
“Mother Earth is not a resource, she is an heirloom.”
David Ipina: Yurok Tribe

November is Native American Heritage Month and here at Kepner Beacon students learned about the history of indigenous peoples in the Americas. Many students were able to identify their own ancestral connections to specific native peoples in the US, Mexico, and throughout Central America. It really was a great way to end a hard week of literacy and math assessments. Enjoy the three day weekend.
Daniel Walsh
Kepner Beacon Middle School

Thank you to the parents who suggested we start an Amazon Wish List for items needed at our schools, we have taken you up on your suggestion! Currently we are asking for masks, sanitation supplies, and snacks for the teachers lounge and school store. Items purchased will be shipped directly to the school. We are so grateful for and celebrate your generosity!
Teacher of the Week
When Mr. Walsh’s coach asked him, “when things at work are hard, and the saboteur voices are whispering doubts in your ear, what do you do?” He thought for one second and said, “I go talk to Phil Hatchett, he always makes me feel better about myself and school!” Our 6th grade dean, Phil, is a truly gifted educator, he is optimistic and wise. He drives culture, puts students first always, and when the days are the darkest he shines the brightest. Kepner Beacon is truly blessed to have Phil on our team. We can count on him to start celebrations with an authentic focus on appreciation and with a finger on the pulse of the room. We are not sure how we would get through the year, scratch that, the week without Mr. Hatchett.
Upcoming Events
Picture Retake Day
November 17
In the Zone
November 18
5:00 - 6:00
Progress Reports
November 19
Thanksgiving Break
November 19 - 26
Eat at Park Burger
November 29
Coffee with the Principal
December 7
10:00 - 11:00
DPS leadership has decided to make Friday, Nov. 19 a non-attendance day for students, and district-run schools and office buildings will be closed. In addition to providing additional time for overall self-care for our teachers, this also gives families additional time to consider taking advantage of the COVID-19 vaccine now being available for children ages 5-11. More information about available vaccines can be found here.

When you pop into the Drawing enrichment you get to see allllll the art! We have such talent in our students. This assignment from Ms. Sawchak was to draw "ugly" faces but they are actually quite beautiful!
English and Parenting Classes

We want to celebrate our Parenting and our English classes, we have been getting a major success. We have 15-20 parents attending either one or both classes.

We still have spots available for these classes.If you are interested or waiting for more information about the classes, please contact Mr. Boni, our Parent/Community liaison at or 720-690-7964.

Want to see how your student is performing on their character. Liveschool has a parent app. To get setup with the app and to add your student(s) please reach out to your Beacon school directly.
Fundraising - Save the Dates!

November 29 - Eat at Park Burger!
Ditch those Thanksgiving leftovers and eat at Park Burger on Monday, November 29! Park Burger will donate 15% of their sales using our promo code: “Beacon.” Mark your calendar for a delicious burger on November 29!

December 7 - Eat at Birdcall
We are excited that Birdcall has included Beacon Network Schools in their Drive for 35 school fundraisers! On Tuesday, December 7 and Tuesday, January 4 Birdcall will donate 35% of sales using our promo code back to Beacon Network Schools! You can order online, dine in, drive through, and/or take out. Remember to use the promo code “Beacon” when you place your order! 
KBMS Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is now open at both KBMS and GBMS. Our pantry provides free non-perishable food items for families in need of assistance. Please reach out to our family liaison Boni Sanchez for any inquiries at
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