NEWS & UPDATES - August 2023
Summertime Fun!
We are open 7 days a week in August, so pop by for a visit!

Guided canoe tours are a popular way to explore the wetland. We offer tours 4 times a day when open. You can call or email us to book!

We have lots of self guided options too - from a video tour on the Boardwalk Loop to Kids Adventure Booklets, Scavenger Hunts, Wildlife Checklists and Adventure Themed Backpacks (Birding, Dip Netting, Plant ID).

The Eager Eagles summer camp session running August 21-25 still has spots available! We are opening it up to ages 10-13. See below for more details!

The Centre has lots of displays and information to look at, so pop in the next time you are here for a stroll. Also, it is air conditioned and we sell popsicles - win win!

See you soon!

Senior Manager
Wildlife at the Centre:
Wandering Garter Snake
Western Terrestrial or Wandering Garter snakes love water (despite their name...) and are a common site in the hot summer months in the parking lot and on the trails around the Centre. This information may be of interest to you or scare you to death, depending on your comfort level with snakes...

Here are some facts about them:
Appearance: BC has two colour morphs (coastal and interior). The interior morph is a lighter brown-beige body colour with a yellow dorsal stripe line by two rows of dark spots. 

Habitat: They can be found in a wide variety of habitats including wetlands (they love to swim!). This species typically occurs in areas with vegetation. Individuals are commonly found under cover objects, such as rocks and logs, which provide important microhabitat for shelter and thermoregulation.

Life style: They overwinter – often communally – below the frost line in mammal burrows, rock crevices, talus slopes and anthropogenic structures (e.g. old foundations, cisterns).. Mating occurs in the spring and females give birth to 4 to 18 live young in mid to late summer.

Diet:  They eat a variety of invertebrate and vertebrate prey captured both in the water and on land, including slugs, small mammals and fish.
Nature Conservancy of Canada
BioBlitz: August 3-7
Join thousands of newbies and seasoned bioblitzers across the country in the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Big Backyard BioBlitz. It’s a great way to get closer to nature — and contribute to the protection of the species you love!

All you need is a smartphone, tablet or digital camera. Just snap photos of plants, animals, insects and other creatures wherever you happen to be. Then share your observations to help scientists take stock of local biodiversity, track rare species and fight invasive ones.

The #NCCBioBlitz runs August 3-7!

Here’s how you can participate in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up to get started!
Step 2: Check your inbox for a welcome email with more instructions.
Step 3: Start documenting! Head outside and take photos.
Step 4: Add your amazing observations to iNaturalist.
Step 5: Do your best to identify your species. But don’t worry about getting it wrong — iNaturalist community members are there to help!

BONUS: Share your daily observations on social media using the hashtag #NCCBioBlitz to win an NCC prize pack and a $100 Visa gift card! Happy BioBlitzing!

Jr Naturalist Camps in August
Just a few more sessions left of summer camp!

Our Curious Caterpillars and Boisterous Beavers are full, but we have spots available for the Eager Eagles Camp running August 21-25. We are opening this camp up to a broader age range: 10-13 year olds.

If you are interested in participating, please email us and we will send you the links to fill out our waiver form and to make payment.

Camp runs Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm and costs $120.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the camps this summer! We had lots of fun!

Please fill out our survey!!

If you already completed a camp with us, please fill out our survey! You will be entered to win a free family canoe tour (or you can remain anonymous).
Don't let this bee your kid
Thank You to 2023 Grantors
We have been busy applying for grants for 2023. We wrapped up two long term funding agreements in 2022, so we are aiming to diversify our funding streams by applying to a variety of foundations, corporations and granting agencies.

We are still in need of some funding to make sure 2023 is successful, so if you are interested in making a donation, we are grateful to receive it! Donate Now!

To date, thank you to the following confirmed grantors for 2023:
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