NEWS & UPDATES - March 2021
Things That Make You Think Spring...
The notion that spring is in the air is a fun one to entertain, but we all know that winter can still come a knockin' even though glimpses of spring-like weather are teasing us into believing...

In preparation of spring, we are giving you a wetland plant quiz because we figure everyone is dreaming of green, of planting a garden, of seeing flowers bloom.

Spring break is coming up for those that have school aged children. Given that all non-essential travel should be avoided, we put together a few resources to help keep the kiddos entertained while sticking close to home (see below).

We are working towards getting some more educational resources up on our website. We are preparing for the day we can see you in person and start up some onsite programs. We are busy developing school programs and guided tours and special events...all with COVID safe practices in place. We are hiring seasonal staff, who will start in May, to help us get programs, in all shapes and forms, up and running.

Spring fever may be starting around here! When the time comes to open our doors and start delivering onsite programs, we will greet you with a HUGE smile. We are excited for what lays ahead. Until then!

Senior Manager
Nature Quiz!
Check out our latest Nature Quiz!

Wetland Plants is the theme, check out how much you know!!

Thanks for participating. If you have any ideas for future quizzes, please let us know!
Ideas for Spring Break with the Kids

Here are some fun nature inspired crafts to try this spring break..

Try out some nature collaging! Bring some kraft paper or fabric outdoors, or just use the snow as your canvas, and select some natural items (ones that are dead or have already fallen to the ground) that appeal to you. Take a picture once you are done so that you can share with your friends and us!!

Spring migration will be starting soon, so get prepared to keep our feathered friends safe with these cute homemade window decals.


There are many wonderful places to take a stroll this March, as we welcome spring back. Here are a few of our favourites:

Balancing Rock Trail. Once the snow melts and the glacier lilies sprout, this is a wonderful place to see them...with a view!

Summit Creek @ the CVWMA. As the snow melts, the river rushes! Summit Creek is a magical place with old growth cedars and cottonwood trees. Pre-mosquito season is the perfect time to visit...


Colour Match Walk (with Paint Chips). Ramp up your scavenger hunt techniques by adding some paint chips from your local hardware store and see what colours you can find in nature. Pick your own palette depending on the season and location...
Hey Teachers!!
Interested in outdoor education programs in the wetland this spring?

Give us a shout and we can keep you up to date on options and our COVID protocols!
A Little Blasting Equals Wetland Ponds...
From the Creston Valley Advance Newspaper
(Feb 23, 2021)

The Lower Kootenay Band (LKB) partnered with the Canadian Army Reserve to host military exercises on the Band’s wetlands on Feb. 20, an initiative designed to simultaneously help with the restoration process of the Band’s marsh landscape.
Soldiers from the 39 Combat Engineer Regiment — many of whom were from Trail and Cranbrook’s 44 Engineer Squadron — spent the day honing their bridge surveying and design skills, as well as milling lumber and detonating explosives.
“The skills that we’re using — whether it’s demolitions, working the sawmill or doing that detailed bridge surveying — those are all core skills. They’re technical skills,” said Major Nils French, the commander of the 44 Engineer Squadron.

“This exercise let us get out there, refresh on some of those things, refine them a little bit, practice them. Essentially, we can’t be military engineers if we don’t keep those skills fresh.”

A total of nine craters — which are each roughly four metres deep and 10 metres wide — were formed through the demolitions. The hope is that Mother Nature will run its course and the craters will naturally fill with water over time, where they will serve as future habitats for ducks and geese.

Fun Resources From Other Places
Take Me Outside works collaboratively with other organizations, school boards and individuals to encourage children and youth to spend more time outside through various projects and initiatives.

They have a robust list of resources that you can cruise through and find, I am sure, one that fits what you are looking for to enhance and promote outdoor play!

Plant a Seed Day is March 20th, 2021!
I like their mission to put a garden in every home! Their website provides planting tips, activities and crafts to get you and young ones excited about the fact that the spring season tickles our green thumbs!

NatureKids BC is a nature discovery and environmental action organization that helps children form meaningful and enduring connections with nature alongside their families. They have FREE digital back issues of NatureWILD magazines available to download and enjoy on their website!
Rewilding: to restore (an area of land) to its natural uncultivated state

On March 4, Canadian Geograhics GeoTalks will host a conversation about rewilding with J.B. MacKinnon.

Author of The Once and Future World, The 100 Mile Diet and more, MacKinnon is an award-winning environment, nature and outdoors journalist whose work has appeared in the New Yorker, National Geographic and The Atlantic.

His latest book, The Day the World Stops Shopping, will be published in May. Ahead of that, MacKinnon will speak to Canadian Geographic audiences in an exciting Q&A!

Tune in for our talk on March 4 at 8:30 p.m. EST on Facebook, Periscope or YouTube. For more information, click here.

Also check out the February 4th recording with David Bird - Should the Canada Jay be Canada's national bird? Dr. David Bird, emeritus wildlife professor, thinks so! He's leading a national team to try to make it happen.
Job Posting - Seasonal Wetland Naturalists
Please check out our job posting for seasonal Wetland Naturalist positions.

Deadline to submit a resume and cover letter is March 5th, 2021.

To fulfill grant requirements, candidates need to be between the ages of 15 and 30.
Birds, Birds, Birds
CV Bird Festival
The Creston Valley Bird Festival will be going virtual this year.

Check out their website for information on the types of activities that will be offered.

We will be doing a virtual kids program!

BC Field Ornithologists Journal
The British Columbia Field Ornithologists began publishing British Columbia Birds in 1991. It has since become the journal of record for British Columbia ornithologists and birders.

Back issues of British Columbia Birds are made available to members and non-members alike, in the tradition of the BC Field Ornithologists to disseminate knowledge of the birds of the province through peer-reviewed studies. 

Project FeederWatch
Project FeederWatch is a joint research and education project of Birds Canada and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

You can become a Member and submit your bird feeder sightings or you can just check out some of their great resources...

For example, if you are interested in knowing who some of your bird feeder visitors are, you can check out their poster on common feeder birds of the can be found here.
Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area

At this time of year, there are seasonal closures of the Duck Lake dyke to vehicle access due to poor conditions as well as seasonal migration of the northern leopard frog (March 15th - April 30th). To access advisories and up to date information related to the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area, please check out their website or Facebook page.
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