Word From Steve
Everything the Father does to build His kingdom 
starts in the spiritual realm. 
It then manifests in the natural.
brings it into the natural.
Faith is the road that delivers from one realm to other.  

Has God given you a promise?
It's a done deal then. Its on it's way

By faith, expect it. wait for it. Praise God for it.
It will manifest, in this realm. 


We are looking for friends to support us.  Businesses and individuals, who would like to give financially either on a monthly basis, or through a one time donation.

Charitable Contributions = Tax Deduction + Logo Advertisement
We would like to put your logo on our website as a sponsor 
of  KCHC to honor you for one-time &/or monthly gifts!
For individuals we'd like to put your name up, if you allow.

donate word hand written on school blackboard
If you are open to us honoring your contribution in this way please email  megan@kansascityhealing.com, and let her know that is okay.
Community News
Free Ongoing Classes
Titles of Classes Are Registration Links Once Registration Is Open.

Teacher: Virgina Mange
Day/Time: Sundays @ 4pm-6pm
Dates: Jan. 17th - Mar. 20th (10 weeks)
Cost: $60.00
Attendees book: $25
Class Fee : $35
Contact: Virginia, Mange
Phone: 301-448-9713
Location: Judy Houser's Home
Address: 5105 Longview Dr., KCMO 64137
Books Included In Price:
1. Grief Recovery Handbook
2. Joyful Journey

Teacher: Tom Paterik
Day/Time: Thursdays @ 6:30-8:30pm
Dates: February 4th - April 28th (12 weeks)
Cost: $75.00
Class: $50
Book: $25
(Required Book: Restarting)
Contact: Tom Paterik
Email: tom@kansascityhealing.com
Focus: Restarting By Ed Khouri
Address: 4107, Birchwood Dr., K.C. Mo. 

Chinese Discovering God class

Teacher: Steve Bartlett
Day/Time: Fridays @ 2:30-4:30pm
Dates: Jan. 22nd - April 15th
When: Bi-Weekly
Cost: Free
Contact: Steve Bartlett
Email: steve@kansascityhealing.com
Location: Esther Chen's Home
Address: 12325 Crystal Ave, Grandview MO 64030

Local Intensives
Titles of Classes Are Registration Links Once Registration Is Open.

Teachers: Tom Paterik,Lisa Spady,Cindy Smith, & Beverly Bartlett
Day 1: Fri., Jan. 22 - 7pm-9pm
Day 2: Sat., Jan. 23 - 10am-5pm
Cost: $40.00
Contact: Tom Paterik
Focus:   SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) & 
Touching On DID (Dis-associative Identity Disorder)
Class Size Limit: 14 
Location: Grace Point Baptist Church
Travel Intensives
Discovering God
Sharidan Wyoming, February 18th - 21st
KCHC Participants
Carmen Smith, Cynthia Peterson, Lovera Curtis, David Lamb, Megan Handy, Virginia Menge, Paula Moffit, Spencer Peng, Juin Peng, 
cathy Bryant,Christia Pestana, Laura Reed, Debra Greenwalt, Esther Chen, Larry Curtis, Steve Bartlett, Karen Pelt.

Juliet Canha, Treasure Adrienne Fennell, Junia Beveridge,
Marcus Rackley, Marry Anne Alterband, Lisa Spady, Eric Spady,
Venetia Carpenter, Larry Curtis, Virginia Menge, Steve Bartlett,   
Beverly Bartlett,Cynthia Peterson, Tom Paterik, Dan Smith, Cindy Smith. 

Larry Curtis, Virginia Menge, Venetia Carpenter,Tom Paterik, Steve Bartlett, 

Leaders Board:
Cynthia Peterson, Tom Peterson,  Lovera Curtis,  Virginia Mange, Larry Curtis, Tom Paterik,  Steve Bartlett 

Administrator: Megan Rutter Handy
Director: Steve Bartlett 
 May God grant you great feats of faith this year!

Tom Paterik, Co-Founder | Steve Bartlett, Co-Founder/Director