Hospital or Health System Name : Olathe Health
City : Olathe, KS
# of pharmacists : 29
# of technicians : 14
# of employed pharmacy interns: 11
# of patients cared for:  Approximately 11,000 admissions and 40,000 ED visits annually
PGY1 residents: 3
PGY2 residents: 0
IPPE rotations: 1 (3 students/yr)
APPE rotations:  8 (45 student months per year); Rotations: Cardiology, Critical Care, Advanced Hospital/Practice Management, Acute Care, Internal Med, Oncology, ED, Antimicrobial Stewardship

What pharmacy practice model does your department utilize (i.e., centralized, decentralized)?

If decentralized, which patient care areas do your pharmacists reside (e.g., ICU, Medicine, ED)
Decentralized patient centered model – Medical/Surgical, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Obstetrics/NICU, ED, Oncology, Antimicrobial Stewardship

What technologies does your department currently utilize to enhance pharmacy operations?  Cerner eMAR/CPOE, bedside barcode scanning, Alaris pumps, Swisslog Carousel, Swisslog packager, Cerner Rx Station ADC’s, Med Keeper
Exciting news:  
We are in early stages in planning a new pharmacy which will focus on USP 797/800 compliance and double our space. This will be a brand new location on 2 nd floor.

An interesting or fun fact about your institution:  
Our medical center campus is located on 250 acres and houses a nursing home, acute rehab, outpatient psych, senior living, inpatient hospice house, community college allied health training, a YMCA, imaging center, oncology center, and medical office buildings. The campus is the largest contiguous health care campus in the United States.