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March 10, 2017
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Andrew Hyams

On March 1, 2017, Partner  Andrew Hyams  testified before the Board of  Registration in Medicine at a public hearing on proposed amendments to the Board's disciplinary regulations. Attorney Hyams was on a panel of four physician defense attorneys opposing the changes.

Mr. Hyams addressed the Board's proposal to add a new ground for Complaint: "conduct which is in violation of the ethical standards of the profession." Mr. Hyams noted that private professional practice associations are not all in lockstep on the "ethical standards of the profession," and that there is disagreement on many issues, e.g. physician-assisted suicide. "Ethical standards can be fuzzy and aspirational," Mr. Hyams said. "Physicians are entitled to notice of what is legal and what is illegal, what is ethical and what is unethical. This proposed regulation undermines that."

KCL attorney  Andra J. Hutchins recently prevailed on behalf of her client, a consulting firm, in a case involving unemployment assistance.

A forme r empl oyee of the consulting firm applied for unemployment benefits in MaAndra Hutchins ssachusetts , though she was a resident of Tennessee, and performed almost all of her work in Tennessee. After KCL's client prevailed at the initial hearing with the Division of Unemployment Assistance, then at the Board of Review, the former employee appealed the decision to state court. After oral argument, the judge upheld the decision of the Board of Review, and found that the former employee was not entitled to unemployment benefits in Massachusetts , as her base of operations was in Tennessee, and she, therefore, was not an employee of the consulting firm in Massachusetts.

Have Your Civil Rights Been Violated Under the Americans with Disabilities Act? 
By:Jeremy Weltman Jeremy Y. Weltman 

I am often contacted by people who believe their civil rights have been violated and want to file a lawsuit. However, many of these instances do not qualify for protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Here are some very general guidelines on what civil rights are protected under the ADA. Please note, civil rights cases are oftentimes very complicated and require individual case analysis and assessment.


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