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March 31, 2016
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beach-grassy-patch.jpg With the beginning of spring, our thoughts turn to great weather, baseball, holidays and of course real estate!  

Recently, a client was selling a vacation home on the Cape, and was surprised to find a problem with an old deed in which Mom had tried to deed the property to her three children and their spouses. 

T he deed provided as follows:

"A", for consideration paid of $1.00 grant a 1/3 interest as follows to:  "B and C", as tenants in common, "D and E", as tenants in common, and "F and G", as tenants in common.

Question- Did Mom grant a 1/3 interest, retaining a 2/3 interest or did she grant a 1/3 interest to each of the three couples, thereby granting her entire interest in the property?

By Andra J. Hutchins

In two recent cases, federal courts in Massachusetts and New York have leaning-locker-girl.jpg addressed bullying in schools, and in both cases, the students overcame legal arguments by their respective districts. The Massachusetts case involves a regular education student who was bullied by classmates over the course of four years, through middle and high school. The New York case involves a special education student who was bullied in elementary school. 

Bullying by classmates is the central theme in both cases; however, as with all bullying incidents, each case is unique. In this two-part blog series, I examine how different laws and statutes can help students and parents address bullying in school.

Title IX Claim Sticks in Bullying Case
The Massachusetts case addressed several laws; however, only the Title IX claim - the federal law that prohibits discrimination in school on the basis of sex - survived a motion to dismiss by the school, and will be allowed to proceed to trial.



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