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2017 promises to bring many exciting stewardship and conservation opportunities and events.  We hope you enjoy this monthly update!  Please  click here throughout the month to check in on current news and events. Also, please feel free submit any news or events you'd like us to share by the third week of each month to As always, a big thanks goes out to our supporters! 

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Did you miss our Fall Gathering? 
Check out the highlights...
Over 40 people from throughout the Kootenays came together at the KCP Fall Gathering to learn and share ideas on "Promoting Conservation on Private Land: A Local Conservation Toolkit". The event included presentations on a variety of "tools in the toolbox" including securement, stewardship agreements, landowner outreach, citizen science and engaging landowners, as well as tools and resources available from the Stewardship Centre for BC.

The 2016 Conservation Leadership Awards go to...
Heather Leschied and Grant Trower! 
We were pleased to award our annual Conservation Leadership Awards as part of our Annual Gathering in Creston on November 25. Heather Leschied and Grant Trower were both recipients of the award, showcasing outstanding leadership qualities in the field of conservation in this region. Each were presented with a beautiful framed nature photo courtesy of Alistair Fraser and Jim Lawerence.

Registration now open for KCP Webinar on January 10
Tools you Can Use for Reaching Landowners (Without Breaking the Bank)
In this webinar, you will learn low-cost, low-tech tools for using targeted marketing to both reach and engage previously unengaged landowners in conservation programs. Specifically, you will hear about and practice techniques of getting to know your audience, defining your "product", and developing audience profiles to help you craft your message and determine your communication channels. By the end of this webinar you will be able to evaluate your current marketing strategies to improve them and develop new approaches to reaching landowners.  

Faces & Places Monthly Partner Feature
Grant Trower: Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program - Columbia Basin
Grant Trower is the former Coordinator of Friends of the Lardeau River and is a long term board member the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program Columbia Basin. He has given his time freely for fish, wildlife and habitat everywhere in the Canadian Columbia Basin.  This year he was recognized by the KCP by being presented with our Conservation Leadership Award. 

Local Conservation Fund Feature Project
Climate and Water Conservation Action
Building understanding and affecting positive behavioral change about climate change and it's effects on ecosystems and our society has been a cornerstone of Groundswell Network Society's mission and actions since the organization was founded in 2000. Water conservation, climate change and preparing our communities of the upper Columbia Valley for its impacts was central to the development of the Community Greenhouse and the adjacent development of a permaculture garden.

In 2016, Groundswell Network Society was honoured with a Kootenay Game Changers Award in the category of Outdoors and Environment Game Changer. In 2012 the Community Greenhouse was a Finalist in the Real Estate Foundation's Land Awards, which in particular identified the influence they have had on other communities seeking to replicate the Community Greenhouse and its programs. Over one hundred communities from around the world have visited the Groundswell Campus or sought their development advice.

Columbia Basin Trust
Trust Board Announces New President and CEO
Columbia Basin Trust Board of Directors has announced that they have appointed Johnny Strilaeff to the position of President and CEO. Strilaeff has been with the Trust since 2005, most recently as the Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer. Strilaeff moves into the position following the unexpected passing of long-time President and CEO Neil Muth earlier this month.

Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society
Destructive Invasive Mussels have been detected for the first time in Montana
Montana's wildlife agency confirmed that there is a positive hit for zebra and quagga mussels in a reservoir located in the eastern part of the state. This is a little too close to comfort for us here in B.C.! We are just one of a handful of provinces and states that are still zebra and quagga mussel free...and we want to keep it that way!
Click here to read more.

Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation
Partnership with Forest Enhancement Society of BC
HCTF has signed a Letter of Agreement (LOA) with the Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia (FESBC). This one-year agreement will result in increased funding available for wildlife habitat projects, with FESBC prepared to contribute up to half a million dollars. This will be in addition to the two to three million dollars that HCTF grants to wildlife projects annually.

South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program
Local Conservation Fund Approved
Following in the footsteps of the Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund, and the Kootenay Lake Local Conservation Fund, a new Local Conservation Fund was approved in the South Okanagan. 

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network
Awards of Excellence Presented at Gathering in Fernie
CBEEN enjoyed 5 days of environmental education festivities in Fernie from November 23-27. This included two workshops, several member networking events, our Annual General Meeting, the first meeting of our 2016-2017 Board of Directors, and a Community Celebration of Environmental Education where were presented our Awards of Environmental Education Excellence. As part of this event, they  presented their Awards of Environmental Education Excellence to 7 educators from across the Columbia Basin. Congratulations to Leigh Cormier, Janet Kuijt, Natasha Burgess, Susie MacDonald, Dave Quinn, Shanoon Bennett and Lee-Anne Walker.

Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey
Fall Waterbird Survey Results are in!
Due to the outstanding contribution of 79 volunteers, 51,261 birds were recorded over three survey dates during the fall Columbia Wetlands Waterbird Survey (CWWS)! The highest single day count was recorded on October 15th, 2016 when 20,784 birds (75 species) were counted at 85 locations. This is an incredible accomplishment for our region and this effort is worth celebrating! Data will contribute to long-term conservation efforts in the Columbia Wetlands.

Forest Practices Board
Report Looks at Rangelands in East Kootenays
This special report examines the actions implemented by government and others to improve rangeland in the East Kootenays and finds progress is being made. While there is progress, the Forest Practices Board investigation identified a number of issues that threaten this progress and the sustainability of rangelands over the longer term. 

East Kootenay Invasive Species Society
Strength in Collaboration 
The 2016 season has been busy for the East Kootenay Invasive Species Council (EKISC), and the fall gives us an opportunity to share and celebrate some program successes. We know that this summer provided a good growing season for weeds. There was a lot of rain and few scorching hot days. Weeds proliferated in the East Kootenay and across the province. We had a great team in place this past summer to help achieve our targets. 

Rural Development Institute
Pilot Projects Ramping Up
As part of its State of the Basin (SOTB) initiative, the RDI is ramping up efforts to help communities use indicators and assets to support research, planning, and action. Since its inception in 2011, the RDI has worked to support evidence-based decision making in our region, including the release of annual State of the Basin reports and the development of the Digital Basin in partnership with the Selkirk Geospatial Research Centre.

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Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk
Deadline: December 9
The Habitat Stewardship Program (HSP) allocates funds to projects that conserve and protect species at risk and their habitats and help to preserve biodiversity as a whole. These funds promote the participation of local communities to help with the recovery of species at risk and preventing other species from becoming a conservation concern.

National Wetland Conservation Fund
Deadline: December 9
The National Wetland Conservation Fund (NWCF) is a 5 year (2014-2019) funding program administered by Environment and Climate Change Canada that supports Canadians in undertaking on-the-ground activities to restore and enhance wetlands in Canada. These activities must take place on private lands, municipal lands, provincial Crown lands, and Indigenous lands.

WWF's Loblaw Water Fund 
Deadline: December 16
This is a grant initiative open to Canadians working on the ground to address the major threats to and health of our water wealth. WWF and Loblaw are proud to support the very active freshwater community in its efforts to restore and manage our waters.

The Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk 
Deadline: December 9
The Aboriginal Fund for Species at Risk (AFSAR) program supports the development of IndigenousFootnote 1 capacity to participate actively in the implementation of the Species at Risk Act (SARA). This fund also enables the Government of Canada to facilitate Indigenous involvement in activities that protect or conserve habitats for species at risk (SAR) and to proactively prevent species, other than SAR, from becoming a conservation concern.

Waneta Terrestrial Compensation Program (WTCP)
Deadline: January 31
The Waneta Expansion Limited Partnership (WELP), a partnership between Fortis Inc., Columbia Power Corporation and Columbia Basin Trust, is accepting applications for the 2017 Waneta Terrestrial Compensation Program (WTCP). This program will provide a total of up to $50,000 to projects in the Waneta area that promote conservation and restoration through research, physical works, and other on-the-ground or applied projects.

Alpine Club of Canada
Deadline: January 31
The Alpine Club of Canada maintains or administers permanent funds to which people may apply for financial support for their mountain-related projects and initiatives. Support is provided in the form of annual cash grants and scholarships to individuals and groups who are judged as best meeting the selection criteria. Each year the ACC grants over $10,000 through these grants.

Grassland and Rangeland Enhancement Program
Deadline: Ongoing
Delivered for the Columbia BasinTrust by the Kootenay Livestock Association, the Grassland and Rangeland Enhancement Program supports efforts to maintain and/or enhance grassland resources while meeting conservation, environmental and recreational objectives. Objectives include promoting the stewardship of the grassland resource, striving to maintain and enhance biodiversity and long-term fish and wildlife productivity in public grassland ecosystems and improving compatibility between livestock management and recreation use. Currently accepting applications for projects for the 2016 funding. 

Columbia Basin Trust Small Grants Program
Deadline: Ongoing
If you have an idea that will address community priorities and encourage community development activities, including those that relate to the environment, you can apply for up to $5,000 through this program.

Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program Community Engagement Grant
Deadline: Ongoing
The goal of the Community Engagement Grant is to provide an opportunity for FWCP stakeholders (e.g. environmental groups, rod and gun clubs, non-profits, stewardship organizations, government, and First Nations), to apply for small amounts of funding to support their conservation and enhancement work. 
Government of British Columbia
Reclamation Inspector
As the Reclamation Inspector, you are a provincial expert in mine reclamation and are responsible for reviewing reclamation programs at mines, ensuring compliance to standards and legislation, developing permit conditions, conducting mine inspections and providing technical support to the mining industry, public and other government agencies.

Government of British Columbia
Fire Crew Members
The British Columbia Forest Service Wildfire Management Branch is accepting applications for Fire Crew Member positions. The majority of fire crews begin work in late April or early May and work until the end of August. Some crews remain working into September or even into October depending on fire conditions and activity.

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network
Wild Voices for Kids Community Educators
Are you conducting stewardship or conservation activities in the Columbia Basin region? CBEEN's Wild Voices for Kids program connects individuals who are involved with stewardship and conservation with teachers looking to share this with their students. CBEEN also finds funding for travel and offer an honoraria to presenters. 
KCP Webinar: Tools you Can Use for Reaching Landowners (Without Breaking the Bank)
January 10, Online
In this webinar, you will learn low-cost, low-tech tools for using targeted marketing to both reach and engage previously unengaged landowners in conservation programs. Specifically, you will hear about and practice techniques of getting to know your audience, defining your "product", and developing audience profiles to help you craft your message and determine your communication channels. By the end of this webinar you will be able to evaluate your current marketing strategies to improve them and develop new approaches to reaching landowners.  

River Restoration Northwest Stream Restoration Symposium
February 7 - 9, Stevenson, Washington
River Restoration Northwest is gearing up for the 16th Annual River Restoration Symposium at Skamania Lodge in Stevenson Washington February 7-9, 2017.  They have issued a call for Session Proposals and Oral/Poster Abstracts.  

Crown Managers Partnership Forum: Improving Drought Resilience - Forest to Valley Bottom
March 14 - 16, Choteau, Montana 
The Crown Managers Partnership seeks to demonstrate leadership in addressing the environmental management challenges in the Crown region by adopting transboundary collaborative approaches to environmental management. The voluntary partnership seeks to build common awareness of Crown interests and issues, shape relationships, and identify collaborative and complementary tasks that the various participating jurisdictions can pursue.

Avoiding Incidental Take of Bird Nests: from law to practice
April 26 - 27, Cranbrook
This Columbia Mountains Institute forum will provide an opportunity for dialogue between an environmental lawyer, industry, regulators, and biologists whose work involves the MBCA and relevant mitigation. 

Community-based Social Marketing (CBSM) Institute
June 1 - 2, Castlegar
This 2-day Institute hosted by CBEEN will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world, and in the Columbia Basin, to foster sustainable behaviour. Attendees will learn the 5 steps of community-based social marketing and be exposed to numerous case studies, as well as have the opportunity to identify key behaviour changes they wish to target in their audiences. 

Introduction to the Wetland Plants of British Columbia
July 25 - 26, Revelstoke
This course will introduce students to the freshwater vascular plants of British Columbia, providing them with an overview of prominent and ecologically important groups as well as giving them the skills to identify many species in the field. The course will prioritize the identification of families and easily-identifiable species, but will also cover species-level identification within more challenging genera so as to introduce students to the process of species-level identification using dichotomous keys. 
Kootenay Conservation Program
Conservation Resources for our Region
The Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) helps partners to coordinate and facilitate conservation efforts on private land, and in an effort to support this, the KCP has developed a webpage that complies some of the best conservation and stewardship resources available for our region. 


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