July 2014 eNews


There were many exciting announcements in June, but the one that rises to the top was from the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) declaring that they will be pursuing a Kootenay Lake Local Conservation Fund. This will go to referendum on November 15, 2014. Read the full story here.


In other news, we are very pleased to showcase Juliet Craig's Kootenay Community Bat Project which has recently been expanded to other regions around the province. This year the program received funding from the Regional District of East Kootenay's Columbia Valley Local Conservation Fund. Click here to check out Juliet's feature story and photos. 
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June was an exceptionally busy month for KCP, filled with field tours, meetings and presentations to help advance conservation in the Kootenays. Just last week we conducted a KCP Field Tour that brought together over 30 partners from across the Kootenays. Participants were able to visit a number of conservation field sites and learn about research being conducted, collaborative approaches being undertaken, and best practices for land stewardship in the region. Click here to view a few photos from this field tour.


Please note that we have changed the date of our KCP Gathering and AGM in Creston to September 26-27. Included in this will be a tour of Darkwoods - the largest private land conservation project in Canadian history. Click here to read more about this amazing conservation property. 


Last but not least, nominations are now being sought for the KCP 2014 Conservation Leadership AwardDo you know of someone that should be nominated for this award? If so, please click here for the announcement and details on how to nominate someone for this award.  

Juliet Craig

Kootenay Community Bat Project


In 2004, Juliet Craig initiated the highly successful Kootenay Community Bat Project which promotes bat stewardship on private land. As part of this project, Juliet gives community presentations and school programs, conducts landowner visits, and coordinates the annual bat count. Since the program's inception, Juliet has visited over 400 landowners who have bats roosting on their property. "It is an interesting opportunity for a landowner to be able to steward breeding females of a rare species on their property. I get very excited to discover a colony of Townsends Big-eared Bats in someone's shed. They usually have no idea that it is actually a species at risk. The landowners see my excitement and they usually realize that this is really important and they want to help."


Click here for the full story and photos of Juliet and her incredible bat conservation work.


Kootenay Conservation Program Applauds RDCK's Kootenay Lake Local Conservation Fund Effort

Regional District of Central Kootenay

The Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) congratulates the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) for its strong commitment to protecting our natural heritage through the creation of the Kootenay Lake Local Conservation Fund. Residents will now decide whether they share this commitment on November 15, 2014 through referendum.

Click here for the full story.


Annual Bat Count has officially started

Kootenay Community Bat Project

This citizen science initiative encourages residents to count bats at known roost sites to provide valuable information on bat populations. You can participate by counting bats on your property or a roost site nearby. 

Click here to find out more.

Wild Nature Tours launch for second season in Invermere
Wildsight Invermere
From birds to mountains and rivers to grasslands, these tours boast a full range of options for exploring the Columbia Valley.
Click here for the full list of tours.

Kokanee Nature Investigators set to launch for summer
West Kootenay EcoSociety
The Kokanee Nature Investigators offers a variety of outdoor science projects for youth ages 11-16. 
Click here to read more.

Newly formed conservation society on East Shore of Kootenay Lake
Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society
The Eastshore Freshwater Habitat Society is a newly formed society on the Eastshore of the Kootenay Lake. They operate from Murphy Creek North to Drewry Point South. Their goal is to protect and conserve all rivers, creeks streams and lakes on the Eastshore of Kootenay Lake in cooperation with the Province of BC. 
Click here to see their new website. 
Science Plan nears completion
Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative

The Science Plan provides the context for how to synthesize ecological science and conservation practice across spatial and ecological scales to derive repeatable measures of conservation outcome effectiveness, thereby enabling the measurement toward goal attainment.

Click here to read more.


Funding announced for Environmental Education Leadership Clinics until 2017

Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN)

CBEEN is thrilled to announce that it has received 3 years of funding from the Vancouver Foundation to host Environmental Education Leadership Clinics in the Kootenays until 2017. If the remainder of the funding required is secured, teams of four will be able to apply for this unique opportunity to team-build and develop plans of action. 

Click here to read about the pilot clinic that was conducted this year.


Trans Canada Trail - Kootenay Region Coordinator

Application Deadline: July 4, 2014 

Reporting directly to the Trail Development Manager, Western and Northern Canada, you will be accountable for the coordination and development of the TCT in the Kootenay Region. You will assist in the identification and organization of trail groups, and provide advice and assistance to trail groups and local governments on trail routes and construction projects funded by the TCT. You will provide TCT with information on issues affecting the development and use of trails in the Region, monitor the progress of trail projects, ensure funds provided by the donor are used in accordance with the gift agreement and ensure recognition and way-finding signage which corresponds with TCT's Signage Strategy is in place. 

Click here to find out more.


Columbia Basin Trust - Environment Grants Evaluation Committee Members
Application Deadline: July 25, 2014
CBT is seeking volunteers to join its Environment Grants Evaluation Committee. The Environment Grants program helps strengthen environmental well-being in the Basin by providing funding for community-initiated projects that contribute to environmental improvement. The Environment Grants Evaluation Committee will review funding applications to the Environment Grants program and provide funding recommendations to the Trust. Members will serve a three-year term.

Click here to find out more. 


Columbia Basin Trust - Executive Assistant

Application Deadline: July 21, 2014

The Executive Assistant & Corporate Secretary provides confidential, executive secretarial and administrative support services to the CEO, Board Chair, and the Board members and committee chairs. In addition this position serves as Columbia Basin Trust's Corporate Secretary and provides research, policy development and oversight and coordination on governance matters. The position reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

Application Deadline: July 21, 2014 

Click here to find out more.


Wildsight Creston - Volunteers

Application Deadline: Ongoing

The Creston Valley Branch of Wildsight hosts a speaking series from September to March is is looking for speakers. They are also inviting all photographers to showcase their work at the Tivoli Theatre on December 1, 2014, as well as well as presenters for the Creston Valley Bird Festival. 

For more information please email Tanna at tanna@wildsight.ca


Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment - Program Coordinator

Application Deadline: July 14, 2014

CCME's Secretariat is seeking an energetic, highly organized generalist with a passion for the environment for a one-year term position as a Coordinator, Programs. CCME Coordinators take a key role facilitating the work of environmental experts in our working groups.

Click here to find out more. 


TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Deadline: July 15

The program supports Environmental education, schoolyard and urban naturalization projects, community gardening programs, habitat restoration, endangered species/wildlife protection and environmental research. 

Click here to find out more.


TD Leadership Grants

Deadline: July 15

Up to $5000 is awarded to enhance organizational capacity of environmental charities by providing funding for both formal and informal training and development opportunities for leaders within these organizations. Must have been a TD FEF recipient in the past. 

Click here to find out more. 


BC Community Gaming Grants

Deadline: August 31

Funding for non-profit organizations providing programs or services of direct benefit to the broader community. 

Click here to find out more.

Patagonia Environmental Grants

Deadline: August 31

Supports local groups working to protect local habitat (biodiversity and ecosystem protection). Priority areas: to protect and restore native fish populations and the habitat on which they depend. 

Click here to find out more.


Canadian Wildlife Foundation

Deadline: September 1

Financial assistance to conservation programs and educational programs related to wildlife and research.  

Click here to find out more.  


Slocan Wetland Assessment and Monitoring Project (SWAMP) Wetlands Training Sessions

July 6 & 12, Pedro Creek Wetland & Hunter Siding Wetland

Learn how you can contribute important information about wetlands in the Slocan watershed.

Click here for more information.


 North America Congress for Conservation Biology (NACCB)

July 13 - 16, Missoula

The NACCB provides a forum for presenting and discussing research and developments in conservation science and practice for addressing today's conservation challenges. 

Click here for more information.  


BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) Wetland Keepers Workshop

July 25 - 27, near Kimberley

BCWF's Wetlandkeepers Courses are two 1/2 day workshops that educate participants about wetland conservation. This is a hands-on fieldwork course that provides participants will technical skills to steward their own wetland.  Participants are provided with a copy of the Wetlandkeepers Handbook. 

Click here for more information and to register.

Summer Outdoor Leadership and Development Initiatives for Youth (SOLIDIFY)

August 18 - 28, Kootenay Lake

This 11 day program is an opportunity for young adults (aged 16-18) to build confidence through problem solving skills; to work more effectively in teams, and to develop communication skills. The program runs August 18th-28th, 2014. Applications accepted until July 15th. 

Click here for more information.  


Exploring Public Participation in Scientific Research

September 9 - 10, Calgary

This conference will explore the diverse and growing field of citizen science with sessions on program design, evaluation, policy implications, technology and applications in parks and protected areas.

For more information email events@rockies.ca


5th Annual Conference of the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent

September 10 - 12, Waterton

More information coming soon here.    

Columbia Salmon Festival

September 13, Invermere, BC

The 4th annual Columbia Salmon Festival will celebrate the history of the salmon that once migrated to the headwaters of the River. Learn about the cultural significance, the challenges and the prospects of restoring salmon to the Columbia Basin. 

More event information will be available soon here.  

Kootenay Conservation Program Annual Gathering and AGM
September 26 - 27, Creston
Included in this year's gathering will be a tour of Darkwoods - the largest private land conservation project in Canadian history. 
More information coming soon here

Solving Wicked Problems: Using human dimensions to inform natural resource management

October 1 - 3, Kimberley

During this Columbia Mountains Institute (CMI) conference, participants will examine how to use human dimensions research and methods to help resource practitioners resolve "wicked problems" in southeastern BC. 

Click here for more information.  


Public Participation for Natural Resource and Environmental Assessment Managers 

October 2 - 3, Kimberley  
This Columbia Mountains Institute facilitated course is designed as an introduction to public participation basic concepts and skills. Despite the demonstrated benefits of effective public participation, few resource and environmental assessment managers have formal training or professional development in planning for and implementing participatory processes. Registration closes September 15.
Click here for more information and course registration.

Voices for Sustainability Symposium
October 17 - 19, Golden
The Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network's (CBEEN) popular annual gathering of environmental educators will take place at Quantum Leaps Lodge in Golden. Registration to open in August.  
Click here for more information.

Real Estate Foundation of BC Land Awards Gala
October 17, Vancouver
The Land Awards will be presented in the categories of Public Sector, Private Sector and Non-profit Sector as well as the individual Land Champion Award.
Click here for more information.  

Columbia River Basin International Conference
October 21 - 23, Spokane
Conference Theme: Learning from Our Past to Shape Our Future. 
Click here for more information.

Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture

BC Wetlands Trends Project

Conservation organizations in British Columbia have long acknowledged the lack of wetland habitat tracking as a serious deficiency in conserving wetlands at ecoregional scales in a changing climate. To help address this, in 2010 a group of partners, including the Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture (CIJV), came together on a multi-year initiative, the BC Wetland Trends Project, to assess wetland trends and develop an approach for future monitoring. 

Click here to read more.


Environment Canada

The Value of Nature to Canadians Study

 The Value of Nature to Canadians Study is an umbrella initiative launched in 2009 through the joint work of Canada's Federal-Provincial-Territorial governments working group on biodiversity. The study's purpose is to identify the social, cultural, and economic values of biodiversity and ecosystem services to Canada, in support of government policy and decision making, and public awareness initiatives.

Click here to read more.


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