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Issue # 26
November 26, 2021
Have a safe and tranquil Thanksgiving holiday!
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We are dedicated to sending you good vibrations and helping our dental community share good information with each other. Submissions are FREE for EVERYONE!

We invite EVERYONE in our dental community to participate, vendors too! The name of this publication is Good Vibrations, so we are looking for positive and helpful submissions to share.

Accepting submissions. Here are the particulars: 
* This publication is sent on the last Friday of each month before noon.
* Please keep submissions to 50 words or less - you may also include one photo and one link, in addition to the 50 words (So, you will have to be creative!)
* Seriously, no negative stuff - please share positive, helpful or fun news.
* Send your submissions to melissa@kyda.org and she is gonna get the word out.
If you didn't know, this past November 11th was Veteran's Day. Take time, now, to remember the veterans who have sacrificed their lives, families, health and welfare so that we may enjoy and celebrate ours.
Greetings to my KDA-member friends:
I retired 18 months ago as Louisville Dental Society's (LDS) Executive Secretary and I am loving retirement and missing Jim (Dr. James Lewis, LDS member, who passed last Thanksgiving.) I had a total knee replacement in July and am doing therapy at Milestone twice a week. I occasionally meet my former co-workers for lunch. I was Dr. Rocco Patella's guest at LDS Day at the Races at Churchill Downs, where it was great fun seeing so many dentists and staff that I know. Miss you all. Susan Lewis
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Our own Dr. John Huang has a new Kentucky Basketball book out. Let's all help make Kentucky Passion a national bestseller. Inspirational, motivational, and encouraging--it's a perfect stocking stuffer for families as well as basketball fans. Order here at: 

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View our KDA PPE Resource Page

Check here for potential sources for all types of PPE on our resource page. We will add new sources as we receive them. 

Disclaimer: While the KDA will make every effort to list legitimate PPE providers, a company's inclusion on this page in no way reflects any endorsement from the KDA, whatsoever. Please take thoughtful care when dealing with any company. Do your own additional vetting of any entity, before you act.
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iPrescribe®, by DrFirst, brings you the full power of e-prescribing in a simple, user-friendly app with controlled and non-controlled drug prescribing, medication history data, in-workflow prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) checking, and patient-specific out-of-pocket drug costs. 
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KASPER Prescriber Report Cards have Returned 
It's easier than ever to read, identify high risk patients and view prescribing comparisons within your specialty. Follow the instructions in the KASPER - KOG User Guide to access KASPER, select your dental specialty, and view your report. 
        From David R. Hopkins, KY Cabinet for Health & Family Services
Here's wishing you GOOOOD VIBRATIONS!
Take care out there, eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, wash your hands for 20 seconds after everything you do and stay away from everybody! We want to see you on the flip side!

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