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Issue # 33
June 24, 2022
Stay safe & enjoy your Independence Day weekend!
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  We are dedicated to sending you good vibrations and helping our dental community share good information with each other. Submissions are FREE for EVERYONE!

We invite EVERYONE in our dental community to participate, vendors too! The name of this publication is Good Vibrations, so we are looking for positive and helpful submissions to share.

Accepting submissions. Here are the particulars: 
* This publication is sent on the last Friday of each month before noon.
* Please keep submissions to 50 words or less - you may also include one photo and one link, in addition to the 50 words (So, you will have to be creative!)
* Seriously, no negative stuff - please share positive, helpful or fun news.
* Send your submissions to melissa@kyda.org and she is gonna get the word out.
Looking to Make a Medicaid Difference in Dentistry?
KDA is Looking for a new Medicaid TAC Member…
The KDA needs a new member to serve on its Medicaid Dental Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). This committee currently meets four times per year via ZOOM. Their meetings are approximately two hours long on Friday afternoons from 2-4 p.m. Eastern Time.

Contact KDA Executive Director, Mr. Richard Whitehouse at whitehouse@kyda.org or Dr. Garth Bobrowski, TAC Chair, at whitnic2@msn.com or go to Dental Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) - Cabinet for Health and Family Services (ky.gov) for more information.
HB 370 - Patient Transparency in Dental Benefits has been signed into law! Thank your legislator(s) for their votes!
Our own Dr. John Huang is at it, again! He teams up with UK Basketball great Kyle Macy in his latest adventure. 

From The Rafters of Rupp is the perfect gift for UK men’s basketball fans of all ages. Through this book, veteran fans will not only reflect on the storied history of the Wildcats in action, but they will also be able to share the pageantry and passion of this great program.

Please support our Kentucky Dental Foundation and sign up for our specialty license plate!
If we don't use it, we're gonna lose it! We are in serious need of more registrations, or our license plate will soon be discontinued!
If you are a friend of dentistry and the KDA, now is the time we really need your support!. When you renew your license plate, ask about our specialty plate and support our Kentucky Dental Foundation. $10 of each license plate sale and each license registration renewal will be donated to the Foundation. Tax-deductible!  You DO NOT have to be a member of the KDA to purchase these plates.
Complete Prescriptions 3X Faster
iPrescribe®, by DrFirst, brings you the full power of e-prescribing in a simple, user-friendly app with controlled and non-controlled drug prescribing, medication history data, in-workflow prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) checking, and patient-specific out-of-pocket drug costs. 
KASPER Prescriber Report Cards have Returned 
It's easier than ever to read, identify high risk patients and view prescribing comparisons within your specialty. Follow the instructions in the KASPER - KOG User Guide to access KASPER, select your dental specialty, and view your report. 
        From David R. Hopkins, KY Cabinet for Health & Family Services
Here's wishing you GOOOOD VIBRATIONS!
Take care out there, eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, wash your hands for 20 seconds after everything you do and be safe.
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