Welcome  to KDA's
  Good Vibrations   &  
Information Exchange! 
April 6, 2020

Greetings, KDA members and components, non-members dentists, dental students, hygienists, vendors and friends of dentistry!

Welcome to our new e-publication dedicated to sending you good vibrations and helping our dental community share good information with each other. Sent to you once a week while the world is shut down! Submissions are FREE for EVERYONE!

What's it about?
How have you been coping with today's world in your offices and at home? Is something you are doing working well for you or your staff or your family? Do you have a service to offer, dig ital or otherwise? Do you have something you can donate that might help someone else? Do you NEED something? Do you have a cute or funny picture to share? Did you find some great information you want to share? Is your local component or community offering help or great info you think would be of assistance to others around the state? Are you a vendor that can share some good info or that has protective equipment available or anything else that might help someone? Any information that might be of value to someone else in our dental community is welcome!
We want to make this a platform for EVERYONE in our dental community! We invite EVERYONE to participate, vendors included.

BUT, only folks with good intentions need submit. NO NEGATIVE NABOBS, HERE! Only positive, helpful submissions will be shared. If you submit negative stuff, it's not gonna be seen in this publication. We are dedicated to sending out only good vibrations!

We are now accepting submissions. Here are the particulars: 
* This publication will send every Friday before noon. Submissions must be in by the previous Thursday at 9 a.m.
* Submissions must be 50 words or less - you are also allowed one photo and one link, in addition to the 50 words (So, you will have to be creative!)
* Seriously, no negative stuff - this is truly a publication meant to send only GOOD VIBRATIONS!
* Send your submissions to melissa@kyda.org and she is gonna get the word out.

Here's wishing you GOOOOD VIBRATIONS!

Take care out there, eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, wash your hands for 20 seconds after everything you do and stay away from everybody! We want to see you on the flip side!

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