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Issue # 1
April 10, 2020
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Welcome to our first edition, dedicated to sending you good vibrations and helping our dental community share good information with each other. Sent to you once a week while the world is shut downSubmissions are FREE for EVERYONE!

We invite EVERYONE in our dental community to participate, vendors too!  The name of this publication is Good Vibrations, so we are looking for positive and helpful submissions to share.

Now accepting submissions. Here are the particulars: 
* This publication will be sent every Friday before noon. Submissions must be in by the previous Thursday at 9 a.m.
* Please keep submissions to 50 words or less - you may also include one photo and one link, in addition to the 50 words (So, you will have to be creative!)
* Seriously, no negative stuff - please share positive, helpful or fun news.
* Send your submissions to melissa@kyda.org and she is gonna get the word out.

Thank you to everyone who submitted items below for our first issue! Please send more stuff!

How to Donate PPE in Kentucky
To donate gloves, masks or other safety gear to state government, please call 833-448-3773 (833-GIVE-PPE) or visit this website:  giveppe.ky.gov .
                                              Submitted by Amanda Stringer, CDA, RDH, BSDH

A Happy Little Friend without a Care in the World!

Meet Tulip! Tulip is one of several pet friends belonging to Janet Glover, KDA Director of Meetings. Janet says spending more time with her pets is a great stress reliever!
                        Submitted by Janet Glover

We are in Serious Need of PPE...
I run a small Chamber of Commerce in NKY and one of my members, a ladies home, is in desperate need of apprx 100 PPE (masks and gloves). Is there anyone out there from whom we could purchase that amount? Please contact me at  pfrew@cbcky.com   or call  (859) 431-1500, ext. 1. We are in dire straits. Thank you! 
                  Submitted by  Pat Frew,  Executive Director,  Covington Business Council

We are offering Free, live daily CE streamed through CE Zoom

Crest + Oral B is dedicated to the profession during this time of social distancing.  We are offering Free, live daily CE streamed through CE Zoom. Free CE has been one of the resounding requests as help needed from dental professionals during this time. Stay healthy everyone!   Registration is available at    
                                                 Submitted by Sonya Salisbury, Crest + Oral B

Submitted by  Janine McIntosh

Efforts Underway to Get Mobile COVID-19 Testing Sites Up and Running

A consortium of businesses is now partnering with the state to get mobile COVID-19 testing sites up and running. As part of the effort, they are looking for avenues to purchase PPE gear that supplements the State's other efforts to do so. The consortium would be willing to buy masks and shields that dentists have available at a reasonable mark up to help dentists in a small way during this time, but also to procure the resources. Please send information about supplies for PPE (face shields, masks, etc) that you have available to Gen. Les Carroll at info@openhealthllc.com
                                                      Submitted by  Sara Luna Osborne

Tips for Staying Productive When you have to Work from Home!

Enjoy a Laugh! 
We're trying to make people smile with our creative abilities. I hope our video below helps to brighten your day. 

                            Submitted by Jim Pond, Co-founder of James & Matthew

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Here's wishing you GOOOOD VIBRATIONS!

Take care out there, eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, wash your hands for 20 seconds after everything you do and stay away from everybody! We want to see you on the flip side!