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Issue # 3
April 24, 2020
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We are dedicated to sending you good vibrations and helping our dental community share good information with each other. Sent to you once a week while the world is shut downSubmissions are FREE for EVERYONE!

We invite EVERYONE in our dental community to participate, vendors too!  The name of this publication is Good Vibrations, so we are looking for positive and helpful submissions to share.

Now accepting submissions. Here are the particulars: 
* This publication will be sent every Friday before noon. Submissions must be in by the previous Thursday at 9 a.m.
* Please keep submissions to 50 words or less - you may also include one photo and one link, in addition to the 50 words (So, you will have to be creative!)
* Seriously, no negative stuff - please share positive, helpful or fun news.
* Send your submissions to [email protected] and she is gonna get the word out.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted items below! 
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 Green Lights Stand for Hope!

Tonight, and every night that I have to report a fatality, it's a small thing but we're going to light the Kentucky Governor's Mansion green. Green is the color of compassion, it's the color of empathy. It's also a color of  renewal.  
                                                 Gov. Andy Beshear

                             From LEO Magazine, April 17, 2020

Have you seen any green lights in  your
neighborhood?   Send us a picture!   

COVID19 PPE Request Fact Sheet
We are sharing information from Dr. Julie McKee, State Dental Director regarding PPE. Please see the link below and refer to it as appropriate.
                                                     From Dr. Julie McKee, KY State Dental Director

KASPER Prescriber Report Cards have returned 

It's easier than ever to read, identify high risk patients and view prescribing comparisons within your specialty. Follow the instructions in the KASPER - KOG User Guide to access KASPER, select your dental specialty, and view your report. 
                From David R. Hopkins,  KY Cabinet for Health & Family Services

Why the Long Face?

KDA Executive Director Rick Whitehouse met a new long-faced furry friend, while walking near his home. 
(No social distancing needed, here!)

Delta Dental of Kentucky is now accepting applications for the Provider Advance Payment Program. 
This program is available to PPO™ and Premier® participating network providers affected by COVID-19 and provides an interest-free advance payment from Delta Dental of Kentucky. Learn more details at community.deltadentalky.com/Advance. Applications are due by April 30, 2020.
                                                              From Susan Brock, Delta Dental of KY

Tips for Coping in Isolation
  • Accept when we are all in the same boat, it will take all of us to stay a float.
  • The "unknown" will cause FEAR, if we rise above fear, we discover OPPORTUNITY.
  • Horrible times happen, nothing is forever.
  • Send first responders in your life a message of appreciation, gratitude and encouragement.
  • Relieve worry with taking it one week at a time.
  • Offer to help your neighbours who are quarantined by getting them groceries.
  • Access your business coaches right now and MAXIMIZE THEM as resource.
  • Catch up on your list of household projects that are incomplete.
  • Paint a room a different color.
  • Focus on what is important.
  • Only watch the news for one hour a day to escape the death counter.
  • Stay positive and lead others with your optimism.
  • Social Distancing doesn't have to mean Social Isolation.
  • Keep yourself healthy with a routine each day.
  • Catch up with all the friends and family you had no time to when you working.
  • Don't compare your past feelings to your present feelings.
  • Keep your mind active with learning something new while in isolation.
  • Take care of your own health- wear a fit bit, jump on a trampoline, go for a walk, do some yoga.         Transitions Group of North America
                                      Submitted by KDA Director of Meetings Janet Glover

Lunch for the Front Line!

Patterson Dental team members took individual donations, recently, to provide lunch to the Baptist East COVID-19 4th Floor South healthcare workers.
Submitted by Kevin Parker

Haircut Needed for this Little Hippy!

Meet Moose. You read correctly! (He must have a pretty big personality!) Moose is in serious need of a haircut. I suspect most of us who are reading this are also in the same boat, in a human sort of way, of course...
                 Submitted by Dr. Susan Couzens

How to Donate PPE in Kentucky
To donate gloves, masks or other safety gear to state government, please call 833-448-3773 (833-GIVE-PPE) or visit this website:  giveppe.ky.gov .
                                              Submitted by Amanda Stringer, CDA, RDH, BSDH

Adhesive Layers !

How are  self-etch  adhesives  similar to  cupcakes? The answer... layers!  The ideal self-etch adhesives  are hydrophilic in the beginning, and hydrophobic after polymerization. Watch to learn more! 
Watch the Video!                                     

         Submitted by Dr. Rolando Nunez of Bisco

Playin Cards with the Family!

KDA and Northern Kentucky Dental Society member Dr. Brian  Moore is enjoying an intense family uno game during the shutdown. 
Submitted by Dr. Brian Moore

Dental Lifeline Network Partner Resources for COVID-19
We have a blog post with some of our national partners' resources that others might find helpful too: https://dentallifeline.org/blog/partner-resources-for-covid-19/

                  Submitted by Jennifer Venerable of Dental Lifeline Network

Colgate is here for you during these "crazy" times!  
We care for the dental community and have taken many steps to support you as we live through this together.    As a reminder - the Colgate Oral Health Network is a wonderful tool that provides information and hundreds of FREE CE options.  Many programs have been added in the past few weeks and there are many more to come.  Please visit www.ColgateProfessional.com to access these programs.

Stay safe, stay healthy, this too shall pass and we're in this TOGETHER.

                                                     From Christie Pfeffer of Colgate

Squirrel takes wild ride on backyard bird feeder
Does the whole world feel about the same as this squirrel that took an unexpected wild detour from his nice, quiet and predictable life?

Meet Woody

Is there anything sweeter than your doggy gazing up into your eyes? I think not! The face says it all - unconditional love. And so happy you seem to be home a lot more than you used to be!
                                                        Submitted by Janet Glover

We are offering Free, live daily CE streamed through CE Zoom
Crest + Oral B is dedicated to the profession during this time of social distancing.  We are offering Free, live daily CE streamed through CE Zoom. Free CE has been one of the resounding requests as help needed from dental professionals during this time. Stay healthy everyone!   Registration is available at    
                                                 Submitted by Sonya Salisbury, Crest + Oral B

Jim's Work From Home Dinner: Dolsot Bibimbap
Here is a recipe to brighten your day. 

                            Submitted by Jim Pond, Co-founder of James & Matthew

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Take care out there, eat your vegetables, take your vitamins, wash your hands for 20 seconds after everything you do and stay away from everybody! We want to see you on the flip side!