October 15,  2020
Tom O'Shea, CMC

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How Agile Are You?

From our research and client experience across the past twenty years, we have discovered that there are five overarching drivers for building agility in leaders, teams and organizations.  

These critical focus areas represent a transformational roadmap that can help individual and corporate leaders mobilize and engage their teams to build the kind of adaptability, nimbleness and resilience needed to face the challenges of today and unknowns of tomorrow.   

These drivers include the capacity to anticipate change, generate confidence, initiate action, liberate thinking and evaluate results and are captured in THE AGILE MODEL

This McKinsey & Co. article from the UK published today does a good job of reinforcing these drivers in outlining what they see as five critical characteristics of organizations navigating this COVID crisis successfully.

Leaders looking for help in building effective strategies and related actions to develop greater agility throughout should reach out to McKinsey or Agility Consulting & Training.  

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08-24-2020 09:30:14 AM

I am pretty sure it is not what we are all experiencing in this COVID-19 malaise that has us bogged down and generally feeling low.   Hard as it is to imagine sometimes, I do believe we will find some silver linings as we come out and find the other side of this mushiness (and I [...]...»

07-14-2020 20:14:41 PM
Now more than ever ... IT IS NOT THE BIG THAT EAT THE SMALL - IT IS THE FAST THAT EAT THE SLOW. Whether you are in the jungle of Africa or Wall Street, this statement rings louder and truer now more than ever. AGILITY MATTERS - and it's time for you to figure out [...]...»

06-08-2020 17:09:49 PM

By Tom O'Shea "In the year 2020" ... almost sounds like the old Zager and Evans song (In the Year 2525).   Well, 2020 will no doubt become infamous for generations to come as the year of radical transformation and accelerated disruptive change globally.  It is so amazing to think how relatively promising and comfortable life [...]...»

05-26-2020 16:24:45 PM
COVID-19 has created what we have been calling the VUCAVIRUS™ ... the viral global spread of extreme volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity!  It certainly has become viral in nature as it infects every part of our economic, political, social and even metaphysical domains of our lives.  I venture to say that our current global condition [...]...»


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