August 20, 2020
Oklahoma Engaged: Runoff Results On-Air and Onscreen
Oklahoma Engaged
KGOU News and our partners in our Oklahoma Engaged election reporting project will bring you results in next Tuesday's primary runoff election, along with a look ahead to November's general election. From 7 to 9 p.m. on Aug. 25, Managing Editor Logan Layden and General Manager Dick Pryor will have the day's results in a live-streamed virtual special on our social media channels.

On our broadcast signals, KGOU will be airing special coverage of the Republican National Convention that evening, but Logan and Dick will cut in occasionally with results and analysis, talking to political experts and StateImpact and KGOU reporters in the field. Bookmark our Special Programs page which will have links to the live-stream:

KGOU Resilience Survey: Listening Later, and a Bit Less
word cloud
Recently we surveyed listeners about how their listening habits might have changed since mid-March. Your responses revealed that the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdown of some business sectors has affected some listeners a great deal, but others hardly at all. And while some of you say you are listening more to KGOU, a sizeable number say they are listening significantly less.

We looked at the nearly 500 responses and read every comment. Nearly 75 percent say they still tune in at least once a day, mostly by radio, but some online. Many are still mostly at home, and absent their daily commute, they’re listening less and later in the day. Some said they’re listening more to our music and entertainment shows. News fatigue is prompting some to listen much, much less.

But we also saw in your responses what we think of as a silver lining in this cloud: you said you still support KGOU, and hope to get back to a more normal listening pattern soon. You said reliable, trustworthy news coverage is essential, more than ever. And you urged us to keep going, because KGOU matters to you. Thank you for your comments, suggestions, insights, and most especially, your encouragement.

Black woman led by police officer
Courtesy of the Oklahoma History Center
Sunday Radio Matinee: A Conversation With... Clara Luper
In the summer of 1958, Oklahoma City high school history teacher Clara Luper led the first of her "lunch counter sit-ins," an exercise in civil disobedience among the first of their kind in the nation's civil rights struggle. For the next KGOU Sunday Radio Matinee, we re-broadcast an interview with the late civil rights leader remembering those sit-ins and other protests, the fight for civil rights in Oklahoma and her work as a social reformer. It's an OETA production from 2009, A Conversation With... Clara Luper, on Sunday, Aug. 23 at 12 p.m.

KGOU Global Music Show Gets Refreshed
Fans of KGOU's locally produced global music program on Saturday nights know it by the name Global JazzWire -- at least for another week. Host Chad Mitchell will still be playing "your favorite music from around the globe," but as of Aug. 29 it will be known as Global Sojourn. Give it a listen from 8 to 10 p.m. Saturdays for a contemporary musical journey around the world.

Who Will Win a 'Rusty?'
You know about the Oscars and the Emmys, but have you heard of the Rustys? There's an informal competition among public radio stations to see who gets the most vehicle donations and the most revenue from them. The Rusty Hubcap Awards come with a plaque made out of an actual hubcap. One category that car enthusiasts watch is for the oldest vehicle donated.
old car
The current frontrunner for oldest vehicle is a 1929 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 donated to KQED. It's the Meryl Streep of the Rustys -- tough to beat!

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