August 6, 2020
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KGOU's Katelyn Howard Receives National Recognition
young woman
Recent graduate of OU's Gaylord College of Journalism and KGOU reporter Katelyn Howard has been named the Society of Professional Journalists' Galvan Outstanding Graduate for 2020. Katelyn was a student part-time KGOU employee for a few years before joining the staff full-time this spring. We have seen proof of her commitment to excellent writing and reporting and listeners have likely heard her contribution in local newscasts. Congratulations, Katelyn!

Fiscal Year-end Fundraising: Holding Steady
Chart showing totals for FY2016-2020
June 30 marked the end of the 2020 fiscal year for KGOU, another good year in listener support. Donors gave more than $525,000, with another $30,000 in proceeds from donated vehicles. We'll have more detailed information following our annual audit later this year.

We're grateful for our listeners' continued support as we begin a new fiscal year in these uncertain times. And we'd like to know whether your listening habits have changed in the last few months. Our short Resilience Survey is open for a while longer if you haven't participated yet.

Sunday Radio Matinee: Marketplace Series 'The Economy, What Now?'
David Brancaccio
The global pandemic, unprecedented unemployment and business closures, and a national reckoning with racial injustice have exposed weaknesses in the U.S. economy. KGOU's Sunday Radio Matinee this week is the second in a three-part series from Marketplace, 'The Economy, What Now?' Once the crisis is over, will we go back to business, inequity and the systemic racism we had, or will we draw a blueprint for the economy we want? Marketplace Morning Report's David Brancaccio explores what a new re-imagined economy might look like and what it will take to get there. Tune in Sunday, Aug. 9 at 12 p.m.

NPR Public Editor: Portland Coverage Passes Muster
Sign reading FEDS GET OUT NOW with camoflage wearing officers in background
About halfway through July, a steady stream of emails critiquing NPR’s coverage of the Portland protests began to fill up the inbox of NPR Public Editor Kelly McBride. She wrote, "The conflict in Portland was, at its core, a question of whether the U.S. government was overstepping its authority and violating the rights of its own citizens. Journalists don't immediately answer a question like that, they ask it." But, she writes, the criticism of NPR's coverage is a reminder that news consumers crave context, even when it’s too soon for journalists to provide it.

Morning Edition: 'Moment In Time' Song Project
Morning Edition is asking artists to write songs inspired by this tumultuous moment in American life, on topics ranging from the Coronavirus pandemic, to the economic collapse, to the Black Lives Matter protests, to the upcoming elections.

The goal is to document this moment in song, generate interesting conversations about music and current events, and highlight diverse voices from around the country. New installments will air on Morning Edition every other Wednesday, starting with yesterday's very personal account from rapper Christylez Bacon, "Quarantine," about recently exposed inequalities.

Linda Diaz and band in their February entry
Tiny Desk Contest: We Have A Winner
With a song that blew the judges and NPR Music staff out of the water the first time they heard it, Linda Diaz has been crowned the winner of the 2020 Tiny Desk Contest. She and her band beat out more than 6000 other entries from around the country in this unusual year for the contest. Plans for a national tour and a visit to NPR headquarters for a Tiny Desk Concert have been put on hold, but Diaz will be putting together a virtual concert soon.

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