August 8, 2019
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NPR Visuals: Losing The Eternal Blue Sky
Meet a changing Mongolia. Rivers are dry. Pastureland is giving way to mines. And wintertime smog obscures the famed blue sky. How did the country get here? It’s a story of internal migration and economic transformation in an era of climate change.

The NPR Visuals team has put together a stunning visual narrative that immerses the reader in the story and brings a greater understanding of that corner of the world. Check it out here:

radio transmitter
OKC Transmitter Replaced
If you listen to KGOU on 105.7 FM in Oklahoma County, you're hearing a crisper, clearer sound these days. KGOU has replaced the 27-year-old radio transmitter serving that signal, a project that's been in the works for a few years.

The costs of the new transmitter and related equipment were expected to total $74,773, but we were able to reduce costs to just under $45,648. A grant from the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation and gifts to the Karen's Legacy fund made it all possible. Thank you!

Calling All Donors: Who are "Listeners like me?"
Tens of thousands of people listen regularly to KGOU, but still, it can feel like a solitary existence sometimes. But connecting our vibrant community of listeners and donors can be as easy as speaking up. Soon you're going to be hearing the voices of real, live KGOU supporters, those "listeners like you" that we talk about in our funding credits. And we'd love to hear your voice, too. Read more about how to participate:

man and woman
StateImpact Oklahoma team Quinton Chandler and Jackie Forti é r
Public Editor: What Should a Reporter Sound Like?
What comes to mind when you imagine an "NPR voice"? The NPR Public Editor's office hears from lots of listeners who have definite opinions on the sound of reporter's voices. Our own Jackie Forti é r of StateImpact Oklahoma was interviewed for this column, about her own experiences with listener critiques.

Founding Mothers of Pop Music
In its third season, NPR Music’s “Turning the Table” has begun a new series on American pop music. This season will dive deep into the art and legacy of eight women who could have been the inaugural class of a new pop music hall of fame, in a more just world -- Bessie Smith, Maybelle Carter, Billie Holiday, Marian Anderson, Ella Fitzgerald, Mary Lou Williams, Rosetta Tharpe and Cecilia Cruz. More segments will run through the end of September on the air and online.

band playing on stage
Electric Mud At Red Brick Tonight
Emphasizing the "roll" part of Rock & Roll, roots rockers Electric Mud perform tonight at the Red Brick Bar in downtown Norman. Band founders and brothers Matty Hansen and Marc Hansen talked with Hardluck Jim Johnson on The Weekend Blues last week. They talked about their musical influences, their origins, meeting bandmates in the Navy, and life on the road.

Ticket Giveaways
"AOC" is "the very model of a modern major liberal"
The Capitol Steps at OCCC
With a brand-new album, The Lyin' Kings , the Capitol Steps return to OCCC's Performing Arts Center Theater with new songs and sketches! We've got your chance to win a pair of tickets to an evening of political satire and parody with this troupe of "equal opportunity offenders" on Saturday, Aug. 24.

Monet Exhibition at Fort Worth's Kimbell Art Museum
In the first exhibition in 20 years, the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas is presenting Monet: The Late Years showcasing 52 paintings from the artist's later works. We're giving away a pair of tickets to be used anytime through the exhibition's closing on Sept. 15.

Congratulations to Our Winner
In our last issue we gave away a pair of tickets to Lyric Theatre's production of the musical Titanic at the Civic Center to our lucky winner, Dana. Congratulations!
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