September 24, 2020
Introducing 'Oklahoma Engaged LIVE: Voice of the Voter'
Election Day is just weeks away and there are still many questions voters have about the process of voting -- either in-person or by mail -- as well as the candidates and initiatives on the November ballot. To help with answering those questions, KGOU will produce an hour-long call-in show, Oklahoma Engaged Live: Voice of the Voter, on each of the Mondays in October from 1 to 2 p.m.

KGOU General Manager Dick Pryor and Managing Editor Logan Layden will host, talking to experts about procedures and polling, and our own reporters with insight about specific initiatives. And best of all, you can ask questions! Prior to the first live broadcast on Oct. 5, please email your questions to, or contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (we're @kgounews). During the live show, you can also call (405) 325-5468.
Special Coverage: Presidential Debates
2020 Election
KGOU will broadcast NPR's live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates. On Tuesday, Sept. 29, the presidential candidates face off for their first debate at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. The vice presidential candidates meet on Wednesday, Oct. 7 in Salt Lake City for their one and only debate. Special coverage from NPR begins at 8 p.m. CT on both evenings.
Fall Fundraising Update: Essential Support
Listener support is crucial to KGOU and to the public radio system overall -- so crucial that even a global pandemic can't stand in the way of a pledge drive! We took to the airwaves to celebrate the essential support that listeners like you provide, in our first socially distanced fundraiser.

The on-air drive concluded last Saturday, seeing support at a level nearly as high as in September of 2019. Over the course of the week, $46,235 was donated or pledged by more than 300 donors, 94 of them sustainers, and 120 new contributors. Thank you!

If it's time for you to begin or renew your essential support for the news, information and entertainment resource that you depend on, it's not too late to be counted. And we'll thank you with our KGOU-branded mask or another gift.
view of three studios through a window
A fundraiser's eye view of our socially distanced pledge drive: Development Director Jolly Brown in the middle studio and Morning Edition host Nyk Daniels in the back studio.
Ken Rudin's Political Junkie campaign button
Political Junkie: Great Moments in Presidential Debates
Political Junkie Ken Rudin looks back at many of the great moments from past televised presidential debates, going all the way back to Kennedy/Nixon in 1960. He's joined by several journalists and historians to discuss how those moments may have helped pave the way for the winner or dashed the hopes of the loser. It's the KGOU Sunday Radio Matinee for Sept. 27 at 12 p.m.

The Surprising Business Model Behind the Guinness World Records
In this short video, NPR's Planet Money tells the story of how Guinness (yeah, like the brewery) got into the business of record-breaking (publishing its Book of World Records), and how one Planet Money intern broke a world record involving the president of Georgia, the former Soviet republic.

BTS Tiny Desk Concert Sets Viewer Record
And speaking of world records, South Korean sensation BTS smashed video viewership records for NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts this week. More than 1 million viewers watched the video in the first 33 minutes after it was posted this past Monday, and it surpassed the 2 million mark in its second hour online. That unseats the previous Tiny Desk video views record-holder, Billie Eilish.

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