July 13, 2017
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  • WESun travels a changing earth
  • Weekend program update
  • NPR reporters go 'home' again
  • Giveaway - New Capitol Steps CD!


Weekend Edition: Climate Change Around the World
Aerial view of Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef
In partnership with NPR's International Desk, Weekend Edition Sunday will air a series this summer on the effects of climate change around the world. Hear portraits of the people, communities and countries that are struggling with warmer temperatures, increased rainfall, rising sea levels, drought, and more. The series continues through August; the first two reports are available on demand:

Weekend Edition Sunday

'Oklahoma Engaged' Wins National Public Radio Awards
A collaborative project between StateImpact Oklahoma, KOSU and KGOU has been honored with two awards from the Public Radio News Directors Incorporated (PRNDI). 'Oklahoma Engaged' explored topics related to voter turnout and seven state questions on last fall's general election ballot; it took First Place in the Multimedia Project category. StateImpact Oklahoma's documentary, "A Field Guide to State Question 777" analyzing the "right to farm" amendment, won Second Place in the Long Documentary category.

more awards

Weekend Program Change: Left, Right & Center Expands
If the lively debate of Left, Right & Center wakes you on Saturday mornings, you might have to set your alarm a little earlier. The popular political analysis show is expanding to a full hour with this weekend's episode, and will begin at 6 a.m. instead of 6:30. Join host Josh Barro and partisans Katrina vanden Heuvel and Rich Lowry for civil political discussion to burst the self-contained opinion "bubbles" that are so prevalent today.

NPR Summer Series: Going Home
lone bicyclist on wooden bridge
The Cowboy Trail near Kirk Siegler's hometown of Valentine, Neb. (photo by Ken Ratcliff/flickr)
To document the many ways that America is changing, NPR correspondents will travel back to the communities of their childhood -- in Oregon, Nebraska, Missouri and Illinois -- to explore their hometowns as only a local can. They'll visit favorite old haunts to see what's changed and what remains the same, and look for places and things that have been torn down and replaced. Their stories will air across all NPR's newsmagazines over the rest of the summer, tentatively set to begin July 22 on Weekend Edition Saturday.

Last Call: Summer Sounds
ice cream truck
We've heard splashing at the pool, firecrackers and "singing" wildlife -- what sound signals summer for you? We'd love to hear you explain it on the air. Email our Program department to submit your Summer Sounds, or share your ideas on Twitter @kgounews using the hashtag #KGOUsummersounds.

Email Programming@kgou.org

CD Giveaway ~ The Capitol Steps: Orange Is The New Barack
CD cover
The Capitol Steps have been busy recording their newest release, Orange Is The New Barack. It's huge political satire even a president would find tweet-worthy! Hear from Donald and Melania Trump, James Comey, Vladimir Putin, Elizabeth Warren, and even Hillary Clinton as they make comedy great again! Enter our drawing for a chance to win your very own copy.

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