January 26, 2017
  • NPR News series #OurLand
  • KGOU Financial Audit completed
  • First Amendment interpretation
  • "Caveman" giveaway


Melissa Block Hits the Road to Explore #OurLand
Melissa Block
photo by Monika Evstatieva/NPR

NPR special correspondent Melissa Block is embarking on a road trip and listening tour of the U.S. for a series of reports called "Our Land" airing on the NPR newsmagazines.

Over the next several months, she'll profile communities small and large to capture how people's identity is shaped by where they live. Questions she'll explore: what it means to be from there, what gives them pride, how a community's identity has evolved over time, and what the future looks like to locals. She started her journey in Kansas City, with the first report airing Monday, Jan. 23 on Morning Edition.

More #OurLand on Tumblr

Annual External Financial Audit Complete
Every year, KGOU undergoes a financial audit by an independent auditing firm. It's a requirement in order to receive our annual community service grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but it also reflects our commitment to transparency in our financial practices.

To summarize, funding overall for Fiscal Year 2016 was down by about eight percent, mostly because of decreased state funding for higher education. Giving from private sources -- individuals and local businesses -- increased by six percent. Donations from individuals just missed the FY2015 total (an all-time high) by $1,038. Thanks to our generous donors and loyal underwriters KGOU is maintaining our service, even in times of economic uncertainty.

Read the audit report

Independent Review Concludes NPR Not At Fault In Deaths
Zabihullah Tamanna and David Gilkey
Zabihullah Tamanna and David Gilkey

Last June NPR experienced a sad first: photojournalist David Gilkey and interpreter/journalist Zabihullah Tamanna were killed while on assignment in Afghanistan. NPR subsequently asked two knowledgeable persons outside the organization to do an independent operational assessment to examine whether any newsroom actions or decisions might have contributed to reducing the safety of the reporting team, and whether any practices can be improved to keep reporters safer. NPR Ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen details the findings in her blog.

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1A Seeks Audience Input on Meaning of 1st Amendment
U.S. Constitution
KGOU's newest program, 1A with host Joshua Johnson, is asking audience members how they interpret the 45 words of the First Amendment (the show's namesake) in a new project called "45 on 45." Because the First Amendment protects free expression, you can interpret those 45 words however you'd like: through music, poetry, or any way you choose. Interpretations can be shared via Twitter using the hashtag #45on45, or emailed to 1A@wamu.org with "45on45" in the subject line. Select submissions will be featured online and on the show through March 6.

Project details

Ticket Giveaway ~ CityRep Theatre's Defending the Caveman
actor on set
Defending the Caveman is a popular comedy written by Rob Becker about the ways men and women relate, reflecting his informal study of anthropology, prehistory, psychology, sociology and mythology. The Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre brings this comical, insightful play to Oklahoma City Community College's Visual and Performing Arts Center on Friday, Feb. 10. KGOU is holding a drawing to give away a few pairs of tickets.

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Congratulations to our winners!
In our last issue, we gave away tickets to the Koresh Dance Company performing at OCCC to winners Latoya, Emma and Dan; we also gave away tickets to the ballet Don Quixote at Armstrong Auditorium to winners Nicholas, Georgina and Kathleen!
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