June 10, 2020
KHCA/KCAL is committed to providing our members with important updates. Below is a list of the most recent COVID-19 updates. Please visit our website for a list of complete updates.  www.khca.org
Check Your Facility's Casper Shared Folder
We learned from members early this week that CMS was posting notices to skilled facility on CASPER only. One provider found that they had a Warning Notice about not meeting the requirement to report through NHSN even though they had been working with CDC for weeks trying to report. Then, the facility stumbled onto a 2567 with Ftag 884 cited at and F scope and severity. Worst yet, a letter of Compliance Determination and Imposition of Remedy (a fine letter) of $1000 per day was also found. We reached out to CMS staff.
Click here to receive their response.
AL PPE Survey - Due June 17
The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) is conducting a  survey  for assisted living (AL) providers only to understand their access to personal protective equipment (PPE). We know members are anxious about supplies. It is critically important the data collected in this   survey  is accurate and to help understand the availability of PPE for AL providers.
Please complete the survey by  Wednesday, June 17 . You can find the survey  here . Please take about 5-10 minutes to review your supply inventory and determine how soon you may run out of PPE before  completing this survey .
Yes, Assisted Living and Home Plus…You are Included
Governor Kelly signed HB2016 on Monday, June 8, 2020 ushering in a new round of infection control surveys for adult care homes. This will include Assisted Living, Residential Health Care, Home Plus and Adult Day Care.
A Message From KDADS CARE Team
Greetings from the CARE Program at KDADS. The purpose of this email is to verify KDADS CARE has e-mail contacts for ALL persons in your NF/NFMH/AAA or Hospital that work with the PASRR. The monthly e-mails we send out are to help keep you informed of changes or issues with the CARE Program. These emails contain trainings for your facility staff regarding PASRR, new information, how to reach us, and reminders when we see an increase of something being completed incorrectly. Please let us know who needs to be added from your facility. Also we request PASRR information that the CARE Program is missing from our records via email. If you get an encrypted email from us, please do not ignore it, we are working on timelines and this could stop or delay your payments from Medicaid.

If you are an administrator and you get this email more than one time, it means that you are on the KOTA Distribution List and the CARE distribution list.
IF you are an  administrator  of a nursing facility you need to make sure your information is up to date in KOTA. This is how lots of important information is being distributed to your nursing facilities, we use that list and our CARE list to send information out during these times. We received 15 to 20 emails back the last time we used KOTA stating that the information was not correct or the email was no longer valid, so please update your information in that system . If you have trouble with the site or have questions on how to update please contact the KDADS HELPDESK [KDADS]  KDADS.HELPDESK@ks.gov
Have you missed recent education opportunities?
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Virtual Trauma Informed Care
Every employee delivering quality care or services to residents in Long Term Care should have training and competency skills in the area of Trauma Informed Care. The CMS requirement addresses so much more than PTSD. This workshop will address aspects of trauma informed care as it relates to the CMS requirements: physical trauma, mental/emotional/psychosocial trauma PLUS documentation, care planning as well as training issues. There will be discussions about appropriate assessments and development of interview skills for residents with a history of trauma, the descriptions of PTSD & how it relates to trauma informed care. 
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